#MeToo Five Years Later: A Timeline of Allegations, Accountability and Activism

Unless otherwise noted, the defendants deny some or all of the allegations against them.


Anthem Burke

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Activist Tarana Burke coined “Me Too” on MySpace.


October 17 Comedian Hannibal Burris’ riff on Bill Cosby rekindles long-ignored rape allegations. An investigation of Cosby follows.


July 21 Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes has been forced out amid allegations of sexual harassment from several women at the company.

October 7 “When you’re a star, they let you do it”: The Washington Post The publications were leaked. Access Hollywood. Footage in which then-presidential candidate Donald Trump claims to have committed sexual assault.


The Women’s March of January 21, 2017 set the stage for the removal of alleged abusers such as Matt Lauer.

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January 21 A day after President Trump took office, millions of American women are taking part in the march.

March 19 Fox News fired Bill O’Reilly after multiple claims of harassment.

October 5 “Harvey Weinstein Pays Back Decades of Sexual Harassment Accusers” – The New York Times Publishes Judy Cantor and Megan Twohey’s blockbuster investigation into Hollywood’s worst-kept secrets.

October 10 The New Yorker’Ronan Farrow cited 13 women who accused Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault.

October 10 On Twitter, Terry Crews accused WME agent Adam Vinette of molesting her.

October 11 A day after publicly denouncing Weinstein, Ben Affleck took to Twitter to apologize to an actress who accused him of sexually assaulting her in 2003.

New York Times’ October 5, 2017, Exhibit on Harvey Weinstein.

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October 12 Roy Price, head of Amazon Studios, resigned after being asked by Amazon producers. THR On his abuse: “You’re gonna love my dick.”

October 15 “If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted, reply to this tweet with ‘me too,'” Alyssa Milano posted on Twitter. The hashtag goes global: #YoTambien #BalanceTonPorc #QuellaVoltaChe

October 17 The Weinstein Company drama features a female showrunner accusing Bob Weinstein of making repeated unwanted advances.

October 17 “Let’s break this curse” — in solidarity with #MeToo, Björk accuses director Lars von Trier of long-term harassment.

October 22 gave Los Angeles Times Interviews with 38 Women Accusing Director James Toback of Harassment – Some Assault More than 200 women would eventually come forward.

October 29 Kevin Spacey is accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old child, the first of many misconduct allegations against the actor.

November 1st “He physically forced himself on me,” said Natasha Henstridge, one of several women who have accused Brett Ratner of sexual misconduct. Los Angeles Times.

November 2 Danny Masterson has been fired from Netflix, accused of rape. field, Which is ultimately cancelled.

November 8: Deadline reports that Kevin Spacey’s scenes All the money in the world Will be reshooting ASAP with Christopher Plummer.

November 9 “A third woman accuses Jeremy Piven of sexual assault: ‘I was fighting back tears'” – the people

November 9 “He told me I owed it to him to see me naked.” Crazy Man Writer Cater Gordon says of creator Matt Weiner at Information.

November 10 “These stories are true.” – Louis CK, responding to claims that he masturbated in front of women without their express consent.

November 17 Amazon Fires Jeffrey Tambor transparent After numerous claims of harassment.

November 20 Charlie Rose was dropped by CBS, PBS and Bloomberg after eight women accused him of sexual misconduct.

November 21 “John Lasseter Takes Leave of Absence From Pixar Amid ‘Mistakes'” – THR

November 29 NBC Fire today hosted by Matt Lauer after the first of several allegations of misconduct.

November 29 Minnesota Public Radio terminated its contract with Garrison Keller after a report of inappropriate behavior with a subordinate.

November 30 “Russell Simmons sexually violated me,” screenwriter Jenny Lumet wrote THR. Simmons withdrew from his companies the same day.

December 3 New York’s Metropolitan Opera suspended legendary conductor James Levine after three men said he sexually assaulted them when they were teenagers.

December 6 Five women appeared, including Ashley Judd TimeCover of Person of the Year, titled “Silence Breakers.”

December 7 Under pressure from fellow Democratic senators, Al Franken announced his resignation over allegations of misconduct that he largely denied.

December 11 Celebrity chef Mario Batali admitted harassment claims against him were true and apologized after leaving his show and restaurant.

December 13 “I’m Part of the Problem”: Documentary Morgan Spurlock cancels herself, publicly accuses her of rape and abandons her plans.

December 14 “Dustin Hoffman accused of exposing himself to a minor, assaulting two women” – Variety

December 19 Silicon Valley Star TJ Miller accused of sexually assaulting and punching a woman The Daily Beast


January 1st Forming Time’s Up, founding donors include Shonda Rhimes, Ashley Judd, Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman.

January 5 Several women have accused Oscar-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis of rape.

January 7 Stars dress in black and wear Time’s Up pins to the Golden Globes.

January 8 Catherine Deneuve and more than 100 other prominent French women signed a letter condemning the excesses of the #MeToo movement.

January 10 Author Myra Donegan outs herself as the inventor of the “Shitty Media Man” whispering network list and is later sued for libel.

January 11 “Five women accuse actor James Franco of inappropriate or sexually exploitative behavior” – Los Angeles Times

January 11 community Writer Megan Ganz publicly forgave creator Dan Harmon for harassing her after he publicly apologized.

January 14 Babe.net published an account of an anonymous woman’s date with comedian Aziz Ansari, sparking controversy over what constitutes sexual misconduct.

January 15 Timothee Chalamet says he will donate his salary to Woody Allen. A rainy day in New York Until Time’s Up, among other reasons. Co-stars Selena Gomez and Rebecca Hall follow.

March 4 2017 Best Actor winner Casey Affleck is out of the 2018 Oscars amid allegations of inappropriate behavior on set.

March 28 After an investigation, AMPAS clears its president, John Bailey, of allegations of sexual harassment.

April 26 Former NBC anchor Linda Wester accuses Tom Brokaw of sexual harassment: “I felt empowered to say no. He could destroy my career.”

May 18 The first of several women to accuse French director Luc Besson of sexual assault.

May 24 “I apologize to anyone who felt hurt or disrespected – it was never my intention.” — Morgan Freeman in response to harassment allegations

May 25 Arrested on Harvey Weinstein rap charges, she posted $1 million bail.

July 25 After an internal investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct, AMC cleared Chris Hardwick to return. Talking Dead.

August 19 The New York Times reports that Asia Argento, one of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers, has settled a separate sexual assault complaint against her.

September 9 “As Leslie Moonves negotiates exit from CBS, six women make new claims of assault and harassment” – The New Yorker

September 16 Christine Blissford goes public with her rape allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Cavanagh, confirmed 20 days later.

Bill Cosby on the first day of his trial in September 2018.

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September 25 Cosby has been sentenced to three to 10 years in prison for drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004.

October 4 Burke spoke at a Chicago town hall titled “Putting Black Girls at the Center of #MeToo.”

December 5 Lena Dunham, an early #MeToo supporter, writes an apology in THR Initially for defense Girls Against sexual assault accusations against author Murray Miller.

December 18 Amber Heard published an op-ed. gave The Washington Post Speaking out against domestic abuse – prompting ex Johnny Depp to sue for defamation.


February 13 Ex-wives Mandy Moore, Phoebe Bridgers and several other women have accused singer Ryan Adams of harassment and emotional abuse. The New York Times Reports

February 18 Time’s Up chief executive Lisa Borders has resigned amid allegations of misconduct against her son.

March 6 “‘I need to be careful’: Texts reveal Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Sojihara promoted actress amid overt sex” – THR

March 15 I Atlantic Ocean, Four people have accused director Bryan Singer of sexually abusing them when they were minors, one of whom was 13.

July 6 Financier Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on charges of sex trafficking of minors and died in a jail cell a month later.

September 24 Plácido Domingo cut ties with Matt Oprah amid sexual harassment investigation.


March 6 The Hachette Book Group canceled Allen’s memoir Apropos of Nothing Following a walkout and protest by an employee of Allen’s estranged son, HBG writer Farrow.

February 28 Several women are walking out of France’s César Awards after Roman Polanksi. An officer and a detective The top one wins the prize.

March 11 Harvey Weinstein has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual assault.

May 22 A lawyer for Tara Reid, who accused Joe Biden of sexual assault, dropped her as a client, citing reputational issues.

July 2 Epstein’s accomplice Gheslin Maxwell has been arrested.

November 2 Depp lost his case against Britain. the sun For calling her a “wife beater”.


February 1st Evan Rachel Wood accused her ex Marilyn Manson: “He started grooming me when I was a teenager and abused me horribly for years.”

February 11 “There was a rule. Saying. He’s not allowed to room with Michelle again,” the post said Buffy the Vampire Slayer Star Michelle Trachtenberg talks about her on-set experience with creator Joss Whedon.

April 27 Publisher WW Norton is a best seller. Philip Roth: The Biography Out of print after allegations of sexual abuse against its author, Blake Bailey.

June 30 The Philadelphia Supreme Court overturned Cosby’s conviction and set him free.

August 26 Time’s Up CEO Tina Touchen has resigned amid criticism of the organization’s role in the fight against sexual harassment allegations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.


March 10 A Paris court has upheld the 2018 rape charges against actor Gerard Depardieu.

April 13 “It’s not OK. It’s just not. It’s not American.” Frank Langella, in a guest column on Deadline, denies allegations of inappropriate behavior that led to his firing from the Netflix series. . The Fall of the House of Usher.

May 6 Fred Savage has been fired. The Wonder Year Resume after investigating allegations of sexual misconduct.

June 1st Depp won a $10 million defamation lawsuit against Heard, widely seen as damaging the #MeToo movement.

June 29 R. Kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for child sexual abuse.

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