Michael Sheen Gives Rousing Speech to Wales Soccer Team Ahead of World Cup

If Wales pull off miracles at the next World Cup, Michael Sheen will have played his small part.

The Welsh actor has gone viral on social media for the second time in as many weeks for a pre-tournament pep talk for the Wales men’s national football team as they enter their final preparations for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. They will compete against England, Iran. and the United States in the group stage.

Two weeks ago, the Good omen star, appeared on a British game show. A league of their ownapparently an off-the-cuff spine-tingling speech for the Welsh team that was based on myth, legend, national identity and more.

“A song of victory that floats down the valleys, like red mist, over the mountaintops, like crimson thunder,” Shane roared in the first speech as he stunned the studio audience and panel guests. “The red storm is coming to the gates of Qatar!”

Clips of the speech, worthy of any Hollywood sports film, spread like wildfire on social media, prompting Wales team manager Rob Page to ask the actor to come and deliver another speech directly to the team in person. went.

Shane obliged, and footage of the new speech began trending on social media on Monday.

“Close your eyes and feel the breath on the back of your neck. For every man, woman and child in this old land is standing with you at your back. These are the people of Wales, your people,” Shane continued. said in the speech. “Feel their breath quickening with you. Hear their blood drum in your ears, beat in your heart, burst from your chest. This is the blood of Wales, your blood, the ancient of dreams. Red as a book. Red as the rising flag of Merthur. Red as the great wall of Gwalia. Because that’s what you carry with you, boys.

He continues: “In 64 years, halfway around the world. It’s there, on your chest. It’s there, on your back. It’s there, on your side. They always say, ‘We’re too young.’ , So slow, so weak, so full of fear, But O Hyde, O son of speed! With this red wall around us, Here we are still!

Wales will open their World Cup campaign against the US on November 21 at 2 pm ET on Fox and Telemundo.

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