Minecraft Mob Vote Results Are Out

The results for the latest Minecraft crowd vote are announced, and a winner is decided between Sniffer, Tuff Golem, and Rascal.

Yesterday’s Minecraft Live event featured the winner of the latest. Minecraft Vote for the crowd community. 3.5 million votes were cast while voting took place on October 14, with the next batch of candidates to be added. Minecraft Being among the lovable sniffer, the playful rogue, and the statuesque tough golem.

While the list of potential winners this time around is made up of an entirely friendly crowd, they’re certainly not without their unique quirks. The sniffer has been described as an ancient, now-extinct species that eats seeds by walking around peacefully and sniffing plants on the ground. Rogue will be found in caves and mines. MinecraftThe rich of the world play hide-and-seek games with the player and reward them with useful rewards when found. Last but not least, Tuff Golem was another community favorite that holds objects in statue form and has the ability to lift objects off the floor while moving around.

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During the Minecraft Live event, Mojang announced that Sniffer would be the next mob to be added. MinecraftImpressively winning just over 50% of all community votes. This adorable new creature will use a similar smelling mechanic. MinecraftThe Wild update added the dreaded horde of Wardens, only to sniff out plants instead of players. Additionally, Mojang has hinted that this new mob may bring some new plants with it to the game.

While unfortunately Voot can only bring one crowd into the game, Sniffer will introduce something for everyone. Minecraft Players to enjoy. As an ancient species, players must find sniffer eggs in chests in underwater ruins and bring them to the surface of the overworld to exit. By hatching the eggs, growing the Sniffers to adult size, and allowing them to breed, players will have the chance to bring the species back from extinction and populate their world with these fascinating new creatures.

Some enthusiasts have even made a connection between prehistoric Sniffer mobs and plans to introduce an aspect of archaeology. Minecraft, a concept that was done away with in some of the game’s recent updates. Whether or not the speculation surrounding the feature proves anything in the future, many fans are excited about the addition of the sniffer, presumably Minecraft In the upcoming 1.20 update.

Although Mojang aims to keep the voting process as fair as possible, many players believe that some popularity has an influence. Minecraft Content creators may have an unfair influence on the outcome of these events. Whatever the case, with the vote now over and Sniffer soon to be added to the game, players can only hope that Rascal and Tuff Golem get another chance to shine.

Minecraft Available on mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and most legacy platforms.

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