Modder Gets PT Working on PS5

The cult classic horror title is now possible to play. PT On the PS5, thanks to a modder’s discovery. What’s more, they were able to run the game on an unmodified console, although the process of doing so required the use of a jailbroken PS5.

For a long time now, the “playable teaser” for Hideo Kojima has been canceled. Silent Hills The project is stuck in a sort of limbo. The free demo was only available on PS4 for a short time after its 2014 release, before a nasty rift between Kojima Productions and Konami resulted in it being removed from the PlayStation Network entirely. Aside from those who have the game downloaded on their PS4, no one has been able to play it officially since then, forcing interested gamers to either recreate it or not. PT in other games like Dreams and Halo Infinite, or resort to hacking to access it, as streamer Lance McDonald did to play it on PS5.

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Earlier this month, when MacDonald first showed off the PS5 jailbreak, it wasn’t actually possible to get one. PT running on the system, but has since come up with a solution. The process is somewhat complicated, but the gist is that it is needed. PT Already on your PlayStation account, log into said account on the jailbroken PS5, and then download the game to that console. From there, they can copy it to a USB drive and insert it into an unmodified PS5, making it possible to play PT and other unsupported games on a legitimate, fully updated current-gen console. goes

Naturally, doing so still requires players to use a jailbroken PS5, which is completely against Sony’s terms of service and could result in a ban, or even being banned. can PT And the rest of their PSN games. That said, MacDonald doubts Sony will take serious action against him or other jailbreakers. After all, the PS5 is still a relatively difficult console to find two years after launch. Odds are the number of people who own two PS5s, one of which is in a broken state, and know that the jailbreak method is too small for the company to really stop this exploit.

Eight years later, PT has achieved a legendary status among gamers, not only for its mind-bending horror gameplay, but also its surprise revealed as a teaser. Silent Hillsand its short official life but for the exciting possibilities and bold new direction it pointed to for the future. silent hill The franchise is no surprise. Silent Hills And its playable teaser has gone down as one of the most infamous cases that could have happened in gaming.

Kojima Productions operates as an independent studio and is currently working on its own projects, led by Hideo Kojima. silent hill The game will not be likely. But there’s good news for fans of the series, as Konami will be sharing a new one. silent hill There will be updates tomorrow, October 19, meaning a new game announcement could be imminent.

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