Modder Is Demaking the Opening Section of Dead Space

While the official remake of Dead Space is coming, one fan decided to go in the opposite direction and demo the first moments of the original.

One modder has decided to turn the clock back several years by reimagining the original. Dead space As a retro release. with Alden Ring Demos of the SNES and Nintendo 64 are being given alongside PS1-era aesthetics. Bioshock Unlimited And The portalAccordingly, there is clearly room in the industry for fans to come along and recreate more modern games as they existed in the past. This is especially interesting in an era that is pushing technology forward with official remakes that take old features and give them a current-gen look and feel.

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coming up Dead space The remake is just one example of this, and with some gameplay footage being released recently, survival horror game fans are no doubt looking forward to this latest offering of the nightmare classic. At 14 years old, the original title in the series is quite old by gaming standards, and while it hasn’t aged much, the remake is a chance to unleash some fresh terror using modern development tools and techniques. . However, in the meantime, a person is going in the opposite direction.

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As spotted by PCGamesN, an independent developer named Fraser Brumley is in the midst of demoking. Dead space To make it look like a PS1 game. In a post on Twitter, he said he’s hoping that by the time the remake hits digital storefronts next January. When asked if this was going to be a rebuild of the entire game, Brumley said they were only looking to demack the “first level or so”. A clip included in his tweet shows some gameplay, and it looks very old school. Brumley’s democ project is being developed at Unreal, with many in the comments looking forward to what is essentially a retro alternative to Motive’s upcoming remake.

The 2008 title produced by Visceral is so loved by the horror community that legendary director John Carpenter has said he would like to make a film. Dead space Whether or not a film will come to fruition cannot be said at this stage, but Carpenter, the director of such horror hits. thing And the original Halloweenis known for being an avid gamer.

Easily considered one of the most anticipated horror games to come. Dead space The remake has excited many fans of the genre. with the The last of us The remake was released not too long ago and Capcom’s reimagining Resident Evil 4 Coming in March, things are looking pretty lucrative for horror remakes and remasters.

Dead space Released on January 27, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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