More Dead Space Remake Gameplay Footage Emerges

About an hour of gameplay footage from the upcoming Dead space The remake was recently shared online. With its fearsome eldritch monsters, oppressively dark environments, and body horror, the original 2008 game is a much-loved entry in the survival genre. The remake will bring the 14-year-old title screaming into the modern gaming era, and many fans are waiting to get their hands on it. In the meantime, some teasers have been dropped to keep everyone waiting.

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Recently, A Dead space The live stream showcased some of the changes that fans will see in the remake, showcasing elements of the new game that players can expect when it releases in March. Perhaps the most notable difference between this iteration and the original is the smoothness of the game. In short, Ishimura, the spaceship where the events take place, will no longer be divided into sections that require loading screens via the tram system. The other big difference, as many might imagine, is the improved visuals, with footage showing just how far the game has come in development.

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This latest video features the third chapter in particular. Dead space The remake is about 57 minutes long, that’s a lot of footage. The clip was uploaded to the YouTube channel YBR Gaming, with a note stating that, although the game looks fantastic, it is still representative of a work in progress and viewers should keep that in mind when watching. Should. In general, the visuals are stunning, albeit with an eerie and foreboding aesthetic, and the video really gives a sense of what’s in store. In short, it will be a trip down memory lane for fans of the original, but with much more detailed environments and a few tweaks here and there.

On top of that, for PC hardware specs Dead space was revealed a while ago, indicating that the title won’t really need to weigh much. But as with all PC games, a system less than a few years old will be more beneficial. At the very least, it should run well with an Intel Core i5 8600 processor and an Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics card, or their AMD equivalent.

While most of the gaming world is moving forward with remakes and remasters, there are those who are turning back the clock. Amid the growing excitement about the remake, one person is working on a PS1-style demo Dead space. The modder aims to reimagine the early parts of the game as a retro release, and is hoping to launch the official remake at the same time.

Dead space Released on January 27, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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