More PlayStation 5 Consoles Are Being Spotted at Walmart Stores

Fans see more PlayStation 5 consoles at various Walmart stores as supply issues seem to be winding down after nearly two years.

It seems so PlayStation 5 Supply issues may be over as gamers report seeing more consoles at various Walmart stores. The PlayStation 5 came out in November 2020, but the console has been plagued by supply issues since its release. Sony has not been able to keep up with demand for the PS5, resulting in some customers opting to buy the PS5 from a scalper at a price higher than its MRP.

However, a fan recently reported seeing a PS5 at Walmart and claimed it was the first time he had seen the console in a store since its release. It looks like Sony is selling a PS5 bundle with it. The forbidden horizon is the WestOne of the highest rated new releases of 2022. Now, more gamers are seeing PS5s in Walmart stores as supply has improved over the past few weeks.

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PlayStation fans have made some posts on Reddit with photos of PS5 stock at Walmart stores. A user named Worth_Tip_8126 shared a photo showing some disc-based PS5 consoles in an outlet. These appear to be standard PS5 editions and are not bundled with any games. A similar post was made by UrbanTinkerer, who shared a photo showing an amazing seven PS5s available at Walmart in Elk City. On the other hand, one player mentioned that there is no shortage of PS5s in Costa Rica, but they cost $1,000, double the MRP.

A fan named Sundas 2017 also posted a photo from a store that has some of the units. The forbidden horizon is the West PS5 bundle. Sundas 2017 claimed that such sightings are becoming more regular two years after the console’s release, though it’s not a common sight everywhere. Many users in the comments section mention that PS5s are still extremely difficult to find in stores, with one saying they’d rather wait for the upgraded PS5 Pro than buy the standard model.

These views seem to match a recent report which suggested that PS5 shipments in the US have increased dramatically in September 2022. According to a senior analyst at MST Financial, Sony shipped 400% more PS5s last month than in September 2021.

A reliable insider also stated that Sony plans to ship 30 million PS5 consoles by March 2024. All these signs point to Sony finally being able to improve PS5 supply after struggling to keep up with demand since its release.

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