Need for Speed Unbound Shows Off Police Gameplay, Betting

Need for Speed ​​Inbound developer Criterion Games takes another look at gameplay, this time focusing on police chases and betting on other racers.

Need speed inbound. Released in less than two months, the game’s marketing is picking up steam to get it ready for release, and its latest gameplay teaser reveals some of the elements players can expect. are Yet, Need speed inbound. It features flashy cosmetic effects, its core racing gameplay, and its complete car inventory.

There are still plenty of questions about the story, multiplayer elements, and more. Need speed inbound. Developer Criterion Games is likely to highlight all of these in the future. For now, it’s sticking with small teasers.

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The latest shows how the police work. Need speed inbound.. It’s not immediately clear if this is available in the overworld or just in the race, but it shows the police chasing the player. The game tells the player how many police he has and each of them has significant health bars. It’s a little hard to see with all the visual clutter. Need speed inbound. Apparently, but they are there. Another great thing is that players are able to bet for money. It doesn’t make it clear whether or not the players could be wearing pink slips, but many in the comments were hoping for it.

Many people in the comments were comparing the graphics and gameplay. Need speed inbound. To NFS (2015) or Heat It’s still unclear how the new game innovates on these older titles, if at all, outside of the visuals, but it will be interesting to see how. Need speed inbound.Marketing continues from here on out.

Need speed inbound. Releases December 2nd for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

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