New Apex Legends Trailer Reveals Trans Character Catalyst

A new Outland trailer has confirmed the new season. Apex Legends An eclipse will be named. This trailer focuses on the new legend joining Apex Games, known as Catalyst.

Respawn knows how aggressive. Apex Legends The list of characters has been, and in retrospect, recognized how it is focusing on other classes in the game. After all, Catalyst quickly joined the Newcastle backline, but fans got a new scout legend with Vantage. Hopefully the next one will include other supporting characters like Lifeline and Luba.

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This Apex Legends trailer shows Catalyst talking about his past with Rampart, with Catalyst first reading the crystal about Rampart, but then delving into his own past. Catalyst appears to be young and was confirmed to be a teenager on one of its planets, Boreas. Apex Legends‘ universe, which sees Hammond Industries destroy Boris, Clio’s moon. Catalyst and Margo’s friends lose the theme, as Margo insists on extreme measures, and the two discuss their powers. Margo sees a power in Catalyst, who has recently transitioned, and this power is revealed when Catalyst apparently discovers that she can manipulate the ferrofluid at the base. Unfortunately, it goes south when Margo detonates a bomb, and the trailer returns to the modern day.

Although not clear from the trailer, Respawn has confirmed that Catalyst is a defensive legend who has an almost magical control over Ferroflood. How this translates into defensive prowess is unclear at the moment, but hopefully it will set him apart from defensive legends such as Gibraltar, Caustic, Rampart and Newcastle. Fans will learn more in the coming days.

And this new mythology, new season, and whatever other new content is coming will start on November 1st. Apex Legends: Eclipse So far, but given how much has changed over the past season, fans can expect quite a bit. This trailer suggests that another trailer is coming on November 20, so fans will have to wait longer for those as well.

Apex Legends Available now for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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