New Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Armor is Bugged

Bungie has warned that the new armor currently available in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost event is bugged with another new cosmetic.

Bungie announced that armor is also coming along. Fate 2There is a new cosmetic bug attached to Festival of the Lost. It also comes with another issue on the first day of the event with a minor issue on a separate cosmetic. However, it looks like these bugs won’t prevent players from earning the cosmetics themselves during the current weekly reset.

As announced by the @BungieHelp support account Fate 2, this new bug concerns how some shaders interact with the new Festival of the Lost Armor. While many fans have already reached out to the original post to comment on the situation, Bungie has assured that the developer is working on a fix behind the scenes.

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In the initial announcement, released minutes after the Festival of the Lost event went live, Bungie claims it was aware of the bug before launch. According to the developer, the bug is self-inflicted Fate 2Key MacArmor to display incorrect textures when specific shaders are applied to them. Bungie hasn’t gone into more detail, however, about which parts of the armor display this texture, or which shaders cause specific bugs to occur. So, players have to figure out which gear they unlock during the event.

Along with the bug with this armor, it also appears that the Bold Chapalo bird that is available with the upgraded event card also has a cosmetic issue. However, according to Bungie, the bug only takes effect when the bird is seen through the Festival of the Lost event card dialog as well as the instant reward icon. It only shows the icon in silver color instead of black in these two specific scenarios. So, this is a much more serious issue than what is happening between Event Armor and some shaders.

Considering how quickly Bungie announced the issue after the launch of Festival of the Lost, it’s strange that the developer has been sitting on this information until now. It’s certainly wise to move on from an issue like this as soon as possible, especially considering that it’s a cosmetic bug on a purely cosmetic item. However, if Bungie had already known this bug existed, a warning during last Thursday’s TWAB blog post would have been much appreciated with fans excited for the event and the new armor.

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