New PS Plus Extra and Premium Games for October 2022 File Sizes Revealed

PS Plus Extra and Premium members get a handful of new games this month, and fans now have an idea of ​​how much storage space they’ll take up.

gave PlayStation Plus Additional and premium games for October 2022 are available in a few days and their file sizes have just been revealed. PS Plus Extra and Premium members get a handful of games from different genres every month. Unlike free monthly games, subscribers lose access to these titles once they leave the service.

Sony is adding 23 games to PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium in October 2022. It includes many games of both. Assassin’s Creed And Dragon Quest franchises, along with some indie titles such as inside And Hokum. PS Plus Premium members can download the three remasters. Yakuza In addition to titles such as this month’s games Limbo And Ultra Street Fighter 4. Fans now have an idea of ​​the storage requirements for all these games before they are released on PS Plus.

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PlayStation Game Size revealed the file sizes of 21 downloadable games. Castlevania: Lords of Shadows And Daily shooter Available via online streaming only. Confirms it. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – The Definitive Edition The PS5 will require 11.976 GB compared to 11.006 GB for its PS4 counterpart, while Medium 26.376 GB of space will be required. Critics praised. inside Comes in just 3.459 GB.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey It is the largest game of the month in terms of size requirements, as it requires 82.030 GB of space. By comparison, Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered 63.238 GB required. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate 43.674 GB storage required. I play three games Assassin’s Creed Chronicles The series will only take up 3.144 GB, 5.041 GB, and 3.613 GB. China, RussiaAnd India respectively

PS Plus Extra and Premium members can play different games. Dragon Quest games this month, and thankfully, none of these titles take up much space. Dragon Quest 11 S: Echoes of an Elusive Age comes in at 30.553 GB, with Dragon Quest Hero And Dragon Quest Hero 2 22.2 GB and 23.223 GB required respectively. Dragon Quest Builders Only 900 MB of storage is required and its sequel takes around 2.5 GB.

Coming to the collection available to premium subscribers, Ultra Street Fighter 4 while will take up 16.489 GB space. Limbo Only 185 MB required. Finally, the remasters Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4And Yakuza 5 16.065 GB, 22.530 GB, and 28.385 GB of storage space are required respectively. Given this list, PS Plus subscribers probably won’t have to make much room for most of the games coming in October 2022.

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