New World Brimstone Sands Update Adds Massive New Zone, Greatswords

New World’s latest major update is now live with tons of new content including the new Brimstones Sands zone, Greatswords, and more.

The new worldThe latest update is shaping up to be the biggest update yet, including the new Brimstorm Sands desert zone along with the highly requested Greatsword weapon class. The new world Players can also look forward to a completely revamped experience with improved quests and smoother flow, new Hartgen “Ultimate” abilities, and a festive Halloween event.

Amazon Games received a lot of criticism during its controversial release. The new worldIt started with an incredible number of players before the population rapidly declined due to widespread disillusionment with various aspects of the game. In the year since launch, The new world It worked towards solving the game’s most pressing problems by adding more endgame content, eliminating countless bugs, reworking various gameplay systems, improving quality of life, and improving old ones while adding new weapons. Great progress has been made. The new world has come a long way thanks to a steady stream of meaningful updates, and now one of its most comprehensive updates is live.

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The star of this major The new world The update is the newest zone in the game, Brimstone Sands. More than two and a half times the size of Everfall, Brimstone Sands is one of the largest areas in Aeternum, full of new enemies, conquerable terrain, and tons of new story content to explore. The ancient Egyptians once encountered ancient people in the Brimstone sands and built elaborate monuments and cities thousands of years ago, leaving mysterious ruins to uncover. Brimstone Sands is now inhabited by the corrupt 19th Legion of the Roman Empire, who are attacking the Pyramids of Acate in search of redemption and a renewed Roman Empire.

Furthermore, The new world Added greatswords to their arsenal of weapons for players to use. The Greatsword uses both offensive and defensive stances depending on the situation, allowing players to adapt to the flow of combat. The attack skill tree for the Greatsword is geared towards extreme aggression and taking down enemies before they pose a threat. The Defiance Skill Tree, meanwhile, focuses on defensive strategy and survival while specializing in dealing damage to multiple enemies. The new weapon also has Heart Gem abilities, which act as “ultimate” abilities that charge up during combat.

The new world has also completely redesigned the early game experience for new players, including improved quest flow, new quest mechanics, a streamlined story, and many improvements to the Monarch’s Bluffs and Everfall areas. The new world Other online games will also be joining the Halloween events thanks to its Nightveil Hallow event, which runs from October 18th to November 1st. Characters level 35 and above can collect unique Nightveil Hallow rewards by helping Salvatore the Madman against the evil Balfazo and his band of Pumpkinites. .

The new world Available on PC.

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