Niantic Apologizes Over Pokemon GO Elite Raid Spawn Issues

After a bit of raid controversy during the Litwik Community Day Pokemon Go, Niantic issued an apology to players. For many fans of the mobile hit Pokemon Go, it was a busy weekend as the anticipated Litwik Community Day saw the dual form of Ghost/Fire, and took over its glowing form for a few hours. As part of the celebration, players saw the activation of a special catch bonus with triple XP, double Litwik candies on catches, double the amount of XL candies earned for trainers over level 31, as well as incense and Increase in duration of craving.

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In addition to Litwik, the 3-hour Community Day window also brought 4-star Lampent raids with the added bonus of increasing the spawn rate within 30 minutes and 300 meters of Raid Gym the Ghost and Fire-type Pokemon. Part of the appeal is that this bonus also makes it much more likely to find shiny Pokemon after they appear. Unfortunately for players, the event didn’t live up to expectations, as Niantic’s other big announcement, the return of Hoopa Unbound to Elite Raids, accidentally took over the majority of gyms, allowing Lamphunt raids to spread. Stopped.

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The overlap in raid schedules has been a source of considerable concern in the community, especially given how limited the scope of Lampant’s raids was. In response to the issues, Niantic released a statement and apologized to disappointed players. Under the Niantic support account, the company sincerely apologized for the inconvenience and announced a few changes aimed at helping the availability of 4-star Lampant raids. Pokemon Go.

As part of these changes, Niantic announced that the company is delaying Elite Raid Eggs in certain regions to make room for other Raid Battles, including Xerneas and Lampent. As such, Elite Red Eggs began to reappear on October 15 at 6pm local time, an hour after Community Day ended. From there, they will continue to depart on October 16 at 11am, 2pm and 5pm expected local time. While the changes likely helped some, it seems the damage was done as many of the follow-up comments were from players who continue to express frustration over the situation.

While this is not the first major problem to be faced. Pokemon Go And unlikely to be the last, Niantic will have a chance to bring it to fans later this month when the annual Halloween-inspired event arrives. as expected, Pokemon Go At night Lavender Town will feature a remixed version of the theme and give players a higher chance of catching ghost types like Phantump, Golett, Pumpkaboo, and more. This year’s Halloween event is split into two parts with a new special research task to complete, new cosmetics, event bonuses as well as the chance to capture Mega Bennett through Raids.

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