Nintendo Fan Builds Switch Console Out of LEGO Bricks

A creative fan of LEGO and Nintendo builds a miniature Nintendo Switch replica using only a few LEGO bricks but makes a huge impact online.

A creative fan of Nintendo and LEGO has created a miniature model replica. Nintendo Switch Using LEGO bricks. While it may not be as big as the official Nintendo LEGO sets already on the market, it has made an impact online. LEGO is no stranger to anything based on Nintendo. The popular brick company has come out with several sets, such as LEGO Princess Peach, which was released this past summer. This particular LEGO themed set has attracted fans of all ages.

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Mario first debuted in his official LEGO form in August 2020. The introductory series of sets Super Mario The video game series is very popular and has been given new life in LEGO. Super Mario Set LEGO eventually decided to create this collaboration with Nintendo Super Mario brother., which started in 1985. Fans can take a picture of Mario and interact with different sets using an app designed just for the set. Additionally, Nintendo recently showed its continued support and love for all things LEGO when it brought a 14-foot-tall LEGO Bowser statue to San Diego Comic-Con.

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A Reddit user named jibbledibbles created a miniature Nintendo Switch replica using only a few pieces. The LEGO model they created includes a dock and interesting color choices. Instead of the standard black screen on the Switch itself, it’s yellow. All other design elements are present, including the classic Joycon colors of red and blue. When asked why the screen was yellow, the fan replied that it was the first brick they found when building the model. Another user even joked that they were probably playing. Super Mario the makerand that’s why the screen was yellow.

Of course, there were also plenty of jokes and comments about the Joy-Con streaming issues that many gamers faced. Other responses from gamers were jokingly commenting that Nintendo might have a problem with this fan-made creation and take it down because it’s not “legal”. Nintendo itself has had problems of late, as the recent issues have been affecting. Nintendo Switch Sports. Luckily, Nintendo will compensate players with in-game rewards due to server issues.

However, no official. Nintendo Switch on. LEGO sets exist, gamers and collectors can still build SNES replicas in LEGO form. Maybe one day, more Nintendo consoles will become LEGO sets. Now that this talented fan has made one, maybe they’ll make even bigger replicas in the future.

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