No More Heroes Creator Listed Ideas for Spin-offs to the Series

The creator of the No More Heroes series, Suda51, has listed some potential spin-off ideas he would like to explore one day.

Creator of No more heroes. series, Suda51, answers some questions from fans on Twitter, including about a possible spin-off that could be explored. The series recently debuted its third entry, first released on the Nintendo Switch last year. No more heroes 3 It has recently arrived on other platforms including PlayStation and Xbox. In preparation for the game’s multi-platform launch, series creator Suda51 answered a few questions from fans regarding the series.

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All of these were answered on Marvelous Entertainment’s Twitter account, where they fielded a number of questions from fans to send to the game’s creator. Some of these revolve around Suda51’s previous games, such as how he writes them, as well as clarifying any plot holes he’s asked about. One of the questions included a spin-off they would like to do. No more heroes. series, which he was also happy to answer.

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The question was asked if Suda51 could make a spin-off title for any of the secondary characters. No more heroes. The series, who it will be, and what it will be about. Soda said that before he started making. No more heroes 3, he had a spin-off in mind that he called “The Color of Wonder”. According to Soda, it would have been a spin-off featuring a gang of criminals with Shinobu and the bad girl as the main focus.

The premise sounds exactly like any other anti-hero team-up adventure, eg Suicide Squad or Guardians of the Galaxy. Soda then notes that this premise would work better for a spin-off centered around FU, the leader of the alien superheroes that can be fought. No more heroes 3. He noted that the obvious title of the spin-off would be “Goddamn Superhero”, which is one of FU’s first lines when he appears on Earth in the game and starts causing chaos.

Soda has said in the past that for a possible spin-off No more heroes. It was unlikely that, as much as he wants to make these games, the IP is not entirely owned by him, but rather by Brilliant and Grasshopper Manufacturing. He was happy to participate in some fun power-scaling scenarios, where when asked if Travis could take on Goku’s Touchdown, Soda speculated that he might be able to take him to a base Super Saiyan. He notes that once Goku goes Super Saiyan God, however, then Travis is fighting an uphill battle.

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