Norco Console Version Release Date Delayed

Publisher Raw Fury recently announced that the upcoming sci-fi gothic adventure game Norco There will be a delay, though no new release date has been given. The game, which is being developed by indie studio Geography of Robots, is available on PC from March 2022 and has received rave reviews on both Steam and OpenCritic. It was originally scheduled for release on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles on October 20.

in June, Norco Tribeca became the first video game to win an award at the Film Festival, recognizing the developer’s work for its “excellence in art and storytelling”. The point-and-click adventure game takes place in a “suburban and green industrial swamp” of an alternate version of a town called Norco in southern Louisiana. The game has been compared to the award-winning RPG of 2019. Disco ElysiumEssentially for the successful creation of a living world.

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Unfortunately for console gamers who were looking forward to the upcoming release. Norco In October, the project was delayed. In a Twitter post, Raw Fury announced, and the robot’s developer Geography later explained the reason for the delayed launch. Basically, there was a “minor oops” with the indie game’s certification, and so on Norcorelease is on hold until it can receive another certification review.

It will likely be worth the wait, and not just for Xbox Game Pass users who will be getting it. Norco As a day release. Since its launch, the developer has made continuous improvements. Norco Through regular updates that add controller support, auto-combat, expert mode for increased challenge, localization options, and numerous bug fixes. Geography of Robots also recently conducted a Twitter poll asking for feedback on a planned chapter selection feature, indicating that the developer is actively listening to player feedback.

I Norco, Players take on the role of a woman named Kay, who returns to her hometown after her mother dies. Norco is a real town in Louisiana, and one of the game’s developers, a geographer who goes by the pseudonym Yuts, grew up there. The area presents a unique landscape shaped by decades of industrialization and the accompanying environmental destruction.

other than that Disco Elysium, Compared to many observers Norco A cardboard computer point-and-click adventure game Kentucky Route Zero Because of its narrative-driven gameplay. However, despite the similar feel of the games, the Cardboard Computer release is very different. Norco Also after receiving a lot of praise from reviewers and players, Kentucky Route Zero came out in 2013 and takes gamers on a journey on a secret highway in Kentucky, where they meet a variety of interesting characters in a unique and memorable environment.

Norco Currently available on PC with PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S versions.

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