Oblivion Fan Finds Structure That Looks Like Real-Life Wayshrine

A fan of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion stumble upon a unique discovery when they find a structure that strongly resembles the Way Shrines from the game. Although it may not offer the same benefits that are found in it. Oblivionthis is definitely an interesting find.

Paths in Oblivion are landscaped throughout the map and are dedicated to the Imperial Pantheon known as the Nine Divines, also known as the Eight and the One. Neo-Gods can also refer to one of many groups. Oblivion, this particular group is dedicated to worshiping the Pantheon. When approached in-game, shrines heal the player character and a buff depending on which of the nine the particular shrine is dedicated to.

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Not content with just visiting shrines in the game, one fan made his way to what appears to be a real-world shrine, almost identical to those found in Cyrodale. Reddit user plaid_dragon_boi spotted the structure in a city park and noted its striking resemblance to the inhabitants of the large open world. Oblivion, took a picture of it. The figure appears to be made of yellow stone. Also, it has pillars around it and what looks like an offering gut in the center. These are all features that are shared. Oblivion Shrines It’s worth noting that these are only semi-circular compared to those found in the game, which are fully circular except for the crumbling one.

Many comments on the post mentioned how shocking the image looked, with some initially thinking they were seeing a screenshot of a heavily edited version of it. OblivionBut plaid_dragon_boi explained that they added a few filters to the image, trying to make it look like it was actually from the game. Commentators praised his subtle artistic touches, in particular, the effect applied to the lighting and how well it resembled video game lighting effects. Oblivion‘It will be.

One commenter said he thought he was looking at the highly anticipated screen capture. Elder scroll 6. With buzz continuing to build over the upcoming game, many fans still seem to have a strong fondness for the first entries in the series, which is reflected not only in this post but also in the ongoing modding community surrounding it. . Oblivion and other games in the franchise. If as many people still carry a torch for this game as they did for the older one, that might just be a good sign for the sixth entry.

However, The Elder scroll 6 It was a long way, as it were Skyrim It was released over a decade ago now, and high expectations can have a detrimental effect on both players and developers. Here’s hoping fans one day get the game they’ve been hoping for.

Oblivion Currently available on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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