Obsidian Confirms Pentiment Performance

Paintment designer Josh Sawyer shared details about the upcoming game’s performance on the previous two generations of Xbox consoles.

repentance Designer Josh Sawyer recently shared new details about the upcoming game’s console performance on Twitter. Specifically, the Obsidian Entertainment veteran confirmed that all versions of the Xbox repentance Will run at 60 frames per second with limited alerts.

Originally announced this June, repentance is an adventure-RPG hybrid designed by Sawyer himself, the most popular The result: New Vegas. The highly stylized, narrative-driven game takes place in 16th-century Germany and features an artist trying to solve a murder that’s happened over 25 years. Obsidian previously revealed that the results of these investigations will all inform the game’s ending, which will hint at some degree of replay value. But nevertheless repentance Set to release in less than a month, many questions remain about this strange project.

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In response to a recent fan question on Twitter, Sawyer confirmed the main difference between the individual versions of the console repentance Will lie in their rendering resolution. The last-gen Xbox One will offer a 1080p experience, while the Xbox Series S and Series X will render games in 1440p and 4K, respectively. All three versions will run at 60fps, though Xbox One owners should expect “a few dips” during the occasional 3D scene, according to the designer. But since repentance Primarily a 2D game, those cases should be few and far between.

Sawyer’s comments are in line with what Obsidian had previously revealed. of the penitentiary Hardware requirements, which are modest, at best. Minimum system requirements previously listed on the game’s Steam page include NVIDIA GTX 650 Ti, Intel Core i3-3225, and 4GB of RAM. This spec sheet specifies a ten-year-old entry-level PC, so it’s no surprise that current-generation Xbox consoles will be able to render. repentance in 60fps. For additional context, Sawyer also clarified the game’s minimum performance footprint on PC, revealing that one of Obsidian’s RTX 3090 Ti-powered rigs ran an early build of the game at 1080p around 3,000. fps reached.

Between its accessible hardware requirements and $19.99 price tag, it’s fair to assume that repentance Will be smaller in scope. compared to The result: New Vegas. What’s less clear is whether it manages to make any waves during the most competitive period of the year in terms of new game releases.

repentance Launching November 15th for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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