Obsidian Founder Interested in Another Fallout Game

Fans of Fallout: New Vegas may be in luck as an Obsidian co-founder has revealed that the company will jump at the chance to make another Fallout game.

Obsidian co-founder Feargus Urquhart revealed that he would be very interested in making another one. Fallout Title It’s unclear when the next one will be. Fallout The game will be released or even unveiled, as Bethesda is currently hard at work getting. Starfield Ready for next year. And it seems that after the release of its ambitious space travel RPG, the developer will return to its fantasy setting. The Elder Scrolls. Conclusion 5 Will likely be revealed sometime later. The Elder Scrolls 6 Then, putting it away for over two years.

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That hasn’t stopped many fans from getting hyped about what their next trip through the nuclear wasteland might look like, as many hope the series will return to the heights of past iterations. will be reachable. While Conclusion 4 received a mostly positive reception from the fanbase, Conclusion 3 And The result: New Vegas Despite being over a decade old, the series still has incredibly popular entries. The latter Obsidian classic is held in particularly high esteem by fans, with many wanting a remake. The result: New Vegas.

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It seems that Obsidian may also be interested in another creation. Fallout In a recent interview with the title DualShockers, Obsidian co-founder Feargus Urquhart talked about his passion for it. Fallout franchise, saying that he would “love” the opportunity to work on another game in the series for Obsidian. According to Urquhart, it’s not a question of whether or not Obsidian will make the game, it’s more a matter of “what chance will there be?”

Urquhart worked on the first two. Fallout games during his time with Interplay Entertainment and Black Isle Studios, so it’s understandable that he’s obsessed with the franchise. Currently, Obsidian continues terrestrial version 1.0, and the developer is working on a handful of other titles, including a fantasy RPG. Approved And a conclusion Outer worlds.. It doesn’t mean new Fallout The game is out of the question, as Urquhart says the company will look at its next games soon, even saying that he “would be surprised if Fallout Not on this list.”

Even if Obsidian came back to make another one. Fallout Sports, it seems like this title will be at least a few years away. However, for those looking for a new journey. Fallout Universe, there are some interesting and ambitious mods that might be able to fill the gap between now and the release of a new game. Fallout London, for example, gives fans a whole new experience using assets from Conclusion 4.

Conclusion 5 is reportedly in development.

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