Old Overwatch 1 Clip is Reminder of How Powerful Torbjorn's Turret Used to Be

An old clip dug up by a veteran Overwatch player reminds the community of how ridiculously powerful Torbjorn and his constellation were years ago.

To the experienced Overwatch The player discovers one of his old Torbjorn playthroughs of game clips showing the ridiculous power of the hero’s constellation during the game’s first few years. Longtime fan of Overwatch He will remember the various abilities that Torbjorn was able to use before some of his transformations, such as the armor packs he could provide to teammates and the ability to upgrade his turrets.

In fact, Torbjorn has gone through a few changes over the years – more than others Overwatch Heroes have. In addition to losing his ability to create armor from collected scrap, Torbjorn’s ultimate ability also changed. While Molten Core used to allow Torbjorn to temporarily increase his turret to level 3 and gain a lot of extra health, it now allows him to spew molten lava at his enemies.

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Reddit user mora_kylkee recently posted this clip. Overwatch subreddit, reminding many in the community how powerful his level 3 turret used to be. The drama also prompted many to compare it to the older version of Ko Overwatch With the current state of Overwatch 2Some of the key differences are the old, open team structure that often results in teams that are mostly made up of damage heroes.

The play itself is truly something to behold, showing Torbjorn killing a team in seconds without even looking at his opponents as his level 3 turret wears them down. The show doesn’t stop there, as the Swedish engineer goes on to claim 5 more kills as he brutally hammers his turret to fix it. Torbjorn’s turret isn’t worth upgrading anymore in the current era, it goes without saying that it would be nearly impossible for the hero to get another clip like that. Overwatch 2.

While player opinion is as usual divided as to whether changes have been made to Torbjorn. Overwatch 2 Were it for the better, most fans can at least agree that the character is much more vivid today. Some argue that players relied too much on him due to the formidable nature of his former turret, making the hero too similar to an engineer. Team Fortress 2 In terms of gameplay. As a result of changes over time, Torbjorn now encourages players to use their gunplay skills a lot.

Many players actually preferred when Torbjorn played as a tower-dependent engineer, arguing that despite the balance issues, many of the abilities originally seen in the game made for more random plays like this. Allowed. Constantly making adjustments with Blizzard. Overwatch 2A roster of heroes, which will dictate how Torbjorn can continue to evolve into the future of the game.

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