Overwatch 2 Bug Lets Players Easily Escape Mei's Wall

one Overwatch 2 The gamer caught a bug that makes Mei’s Ice Wall ability pretty much useless. This is just the latest case in the ongoing narrative. Overwatch 2of Rocky Start, a story involving server issues, hacks, and similar bugs.

Since its release earlier this month, fan sentiment towards the game has been up and down, and so have many of its reviews. Overwatch 2 have come to a similar conclusion: that it’s good, but lacks the magic and uniqueness that made the original special. To add to the negatives, players have encountered several gameplay issues and long queue times. The Internet has recorded endless annoying glitches, some of which have seriously hindered gamers’ ability to play properly or enjoy it.

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While it can’t be said for sure how much it affected the player’s enjoyment, it is clear that this latest bug hindered their ability to play properly and possibly tip the match in favor of the opponents. can bend Reddit user -Snackles- posted a video of Mei after one of her abilities failed to work properly, saving the enemy team from its effects. Mei’s abilities Overwatch 2 All are based around ice and the ability in question, Ice Wall, aims to block an enemy’s path or protect a player’s team. But in this instance, he didn’t. As players approached the wall, instead of stopping, they simply reached the top of the wall and proceeded to walk over it, rendering it completely useless.

In the short clip, one player appears to be trying to build a wall of ice to block his opponents’ escape. The opposing team’s Mercy is healing Orissa while two backpedals, such as Soldier 76, provide some cover fire. The Mei player throws up a wall to block their retreat, which usually puts the trio in a dangerous position. Yet instead of being blocked, the three characters suddenly reach the top of the ice wall and pass over it without missing a beat. The wall then does the opposite of its intended purpose, as it begins to shield the enemy from Mei and her team’s fire.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only example of player frustration over Mei Bugs. Overwatch 2. And she’s certainly not alone, as all sorts of evil abilities have appeared for many of the characters. It’s issues like these that leave one wondering if it wouldn’t have been better to let the game cook for a while before release. Combined with ability issues, queue time frustrations and other bugs, the player will lose patience and any positive feelings towards the game will be lost.

Strong though, despite the negativity surrounding the game Overwatch 2 The fans are still out. Hopefully the game’s rough edges have been ironed out and player/critic complaints addressed, so gamers can happily blast away a giant hamster with their dual-powered shotguns.

Overwatch 2 Available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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