Overwatch 2 Bug Makes Sombra Invulnerable

A new Overwatch 2 bug makes Sombra seemingly immune to enemy fire as she can hide herself inside a payload, essentially turning her into a tank.

Overwatch 2 Players get a new Sombra bug that allows the hacker to enter the payload, essentially shielding it from most damage. Overwatch 2 A number of players have been trying out the new free-to-play shooter since its launch a few weeks ago, and while the experience has been positive for most, there have been a few bugs and glitches. Some cannot play as heroes they have unlocked. Overwatch 2 Thanks to a glitch in the development system, for example.

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Also, some heroes have had to be removed due to bugs that gave them unfair advantages. Torbjorn and Bastion were both removed from competitive play and the latter cannot be located in either Overwatch 2 Menu at time of writing. Torbjorn had a glitch that allowed him to use his overload ability twice in a row, while Bastian was tearing up. Overwatch 2 With a reversal that let him fire more projectiles than he was meant to

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Now, a new hero bug has been discovered inside. Overwatch 2, and this allows Sombra to enter the payload. Using her stealth ability in combination with a few other moves, Sombra can dive right into the payload, moving along with it all the while. Overwatch 2 During the game Payload, Sombra cannot be damaged by enemy fire, causing panic among some. Overwatch 2 Community Joe believes this can lead to some unfair moments in matchmaking, as the hacker can still charge and use his ultimate while still in the payload.

While the Sombra payload remains invulnerable to regular enemy fire, it may have some counters to the damage. Overwatch 2. Since Sombra is only hiding inside an object, abilities that go through walls can theoretically hit him, such as Hanzo’s ultimate. This issue has not been extensively researched at the time of writing, and it may be that Sombra is removed in the same fashion as Bastion while Blizzard works on the fix. I consider Overwatch Lore Sombra is a hacker, it makes some sense that she would be capable of such a malfunction, but she’s not the only character to make her way into Payload.

in fact Overwatch Days, a tracer bug also allowed him to be in the payload meaning other heroes could do what Sombra could do. Looks like Blizzard is still working on fixing the other one. Overwatch 2 Issues, many of which have been identified since the game’s launch. At least, for those who have had trouble, a free fictional skin is coming. Overwatch 2 As compensation from the blizzard.

Overwatch 2 Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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