Overwatch 2 Clip Shows Baptiste Player Healing Teammate Through Absurd Amount of Damage

Overwatch 2 Rewards bold and creative plays, such as one of the Baptiste players highlighting how they saved an ally, Anna, from Mei’s attack by using their ultimate. I play as a healer Overwatch 2 Sometimes it can be an exercise in frustration. Each healer has their own playstyle and excels in different situations, from ego-health healing to group-wide healing of Mercy, but any healer should be able to adapt to their teammates. will have difficulty defending against a point blank enemy.

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Baptiste, a Haitian medic, joined the roster in February 2019 with a skill set that rewards timely healing during close-quarters firefights. Regenerative Burst heals Baptiste and nearby allies with a short health buff followed by more health over time. The Immortal Field, which was briefly even more powerful during Overwatch 2 Son, prevents allies in the area of ​​effect from dying. The situation that sets up the video clip has a Baptist out of range for Regenerative Burst with an Immortal Field that is on cooldown.

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Baptiste’s player, Juv, when faced with a key ability situation on cooldown and out of range for Burst Heal, decided to defensively deploy Amplification Matrix which doubles both damage and healing. An important part of Juv’s healing is successfully saving Anna from their time. From multiple perspectives in the clip, it’s clear that the antagonist Mee caught the two heroes, Anna and a Zyra, very close to each other in their ultimates. Juv deployed the Baptiste ultimate after Mei’s ultimate froze her teammates but so quickly that the first projectile hit Anna right after Mei’s first shot. Every time Mei takes damage, Baptiste’s healing projectile lands and negates all damage. Recent May Changes to the latest Overwatch 2 The patch improved his ultimate’s freeze and increased his DPS output, putting Juv’s actions in a more heroic light.

The top comment on the Reddit post is from another Baptiste player who admits he forgot the Amplification Matrix can be used defensively. Another popular comment reflects the same sentiment, lamenting how they’ve never seen a Baptist player use his ultimate defense. Judging by the Reddit comments, it’s more common to see a healer ignore their teammates as Moira highlighted by ignoring a very low health Bastion.

A general feeling of Overwatch 2 Players who have watched the clip, which has received more than 1.3k votes, said Juv showed great thinking. Different players use Baptiste’s abilities in different ways, with aggressive use of the Amplification Matrix to double all damage from projectiles that pass through him, the most common use compared to healing allies. . While many heroes are healable, including the new ones. Overwatch 2 Support hero Kriko, a great healer on your team can be the difference between winning and losing.

Balancing each hero’s opposing defensive and offensive abilities will maintain a fine balance as Blizzard continues to support. Overwatch 2. However, Baptiste’s play from Juv’s clip gives hope that everyone can experience a well-timed, well-positioned, life-saving clutch heal.

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