Overwatch 2 D.Va Player Gets Hilarious Play of the Game with Mech

An Overwatch 2 player learned another effective way to eliminate enemy players with his Mac during a recent game on the Eichenwalde map.

while playing Overwatch 2a D.Va player manages to get an incredible game play by outplaying the enemy team from their match. Overwatch 2 It’s almost two weeks old, and gamers are already sharing some awesome highlights from their time playing matches as D.Va. While many players fear her self-destructive mech-destructive abilities, one gamer recently showed that they shouldn’t forget about the new one she calls.

During the game on Eichenwalde, a hybrid map Overwatch 2, a Reddit user known as macadamiie, showed D.Va’s Mac’s versatility as a weapon. The clip shared by the gamer begins with a prominent introduction for D.Va as they manage to get through the gameplay of the game. While there’s no shortage of D.Va highlights on the internet, this one stands out because the player uses his Self-Destruct Ultimate not to finish off an enemy, but as a distraction to get an even more memorable clip. used.

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After macadamiie activated D.Va’s Self-Destruct on the objective, the enemy wanted to hide from the explosion by getting behind the payload. However, they were unaware that D.Va was following them behind the point while out of their match. With the opposing team already focused on the detonating D.Va bomb, the Reddit user took the opportunity to call a new match over his enemies. While the enemy team may have avoided self-destruction, they couldn’t move in time to avoid the effects of the new Max. This resulted in a team kill for macadamiaie, creating an impressive highlight in the process.

This play of the game’s highlight has also made a significant impact. Overwatch 2 community, as over 1.1K users voted for it in less than a day. In the comments, one player pointed out that he had never seen a match landing in his years of playing. Overwatch. In addition, several gamers praised macadamiie for its decision-making.

While this clip of D.Va using her self-destruct as a distraction is notable, it’s not the only highlight recently posted on Reddit featuring the tank. For example, a gamer new to the series managed to sneak into the game as D.Va during a recent match. Overwatch 2. With more than 25 million gamers checking out the game since launch, more highlights featuring the tank hero are sure to appear on social media in the coming weeks.

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