Overwatch 2 Damage and Tank Players Dealing With Long Role Queue Times

An Overwatch 2 player points out the long hero queue times for tank and damage characters, flooding online comments.

In an online post earlier today, a Overwatch 2 The player shared a photo of the long queue times for tank and damage players, which opened up the thread to a flurry of comments. Since the release of Overwatch 2fans have complained about long queue times and server issues, while also expressing frustration about changes to the original game’s formula.

However, this fan’s post serves as a stark reminder that queue issues persist several weeks after the game’s release. Some players are finding that it takes a while to understand. Overwatch 2Given the game’s reworked gameplay, some fans of the original game have raised concerns about hero balance, and changes to combat and team dynamics. Despite this, the one thing that clearly frustrates players the most is the ridiculously long queue times required for tank and damage roles.

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In a screenshot posted on Reddit, user kokv19 shared a photo showing a wait time of over 19 minutes to play as a damage hero and over 18 minutes to play as a tank. has gone The thread sparked many comments, with players expressing their displeasure at the long queue times. This is a testament to the launch problems that have plagued Blizzard recently.

94% of Reddit users viewing the thread upvoted it, with comments ranging from frustration about wait times to other gripes about the game’s content. Some players were annoyed by the gameplay elements on the console, while others found the in-game text and chat communication features difficult to use. User 42Jeb expressed his frustration at why Blizzard left a second tank option for the team, while a host of other users agreed with his criticism. One customer was angry that the blizzard drove up the price. Overwatch 2 League tokens for console players.

The main pain point among players is that daily challenges can only be played with queue as an option for all roles, leaving most players stuck in a support role they don’t want. Reddit user Zunashi commented, “This could be the game’s downfall.” The right combination of heroes is very important in this. Overwatch 2, many players put countless hours into mastering the hero’s skills and mechanics. It’s disappointing and counterintuitive for a player to be unable to play a role he’s practiced for years. Hopefully, Blizzard can fix the situation soon, ensuring that gamers can access any character they want and have an engaging experience. Overwatch 2 fans want.

Overwatch 2 Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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