Overwatch 2 Fan Calculates Value of All Legacy Cosmetics

A fan of Overwatch 2 has done the math and worked out the huge amount of cash needed to buy every legacy cosmetic item available. Overwatch 2. While the first game carried on with a loot box system, its successor brings with it a new shop section, allowing players to pick up and choose cosmetics instead of leaving them to chance.

Along with the shop, Overwatch 2 Introduced a battle pass mechanic commonly seen in other live service games, as well as the new Overwatch Coin currency that allows players to purchase cosmetic bundles, skins, battle passes, and more. While Overwatch Coins can be earned in small amounts by completing weekly gameplay challenges, the primary way to earn them is through microtransactions. Needless to say, a large portion of the community did not respond well to the new store’s pricing offerings.

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This led Reddit user loliscoolyay4me to do the job himself by creating a spreadsheet and listing each cosmetic item. Overwatch with their respective prices in the shop. After adding up the numbers, the total cost of each vintage cosmetic available in Overwatch 2 $12,080.69 is jaw-dropping. The community even discovered that purchasing this list of items without spending a single dollar of real money would require saving Overwatch Coins by completing each weekly challenge for about 450 years.

Fortunately, many veteran players won’t need to sell their car to complete their collection. As long as a Battle.net account is integrated, players are able to keep any and all items originally acquired. Overwatch. While the first game’s loot boxes provided random drops, they could be obtained for free by leveling up, allowing for a slow but consistent method of grabbing cosmetics in the game.

Many in the community claim that this new system is especially unfair to new players, as they can no longer claim these items for free. Overwatch 1 Servers are shutting down. While the new Battle Pass allows players to access a range of cosmetic items at a relatively low cost, fans have been sorely disappointed by the prices seen in the shop so far.

While the shop prices are currently not as high as those seen in other free-to-play titles, this means that players can’t do without collecting every skin the game has to offer. . Spending a large amount of money. Despite the outrage, many players see the new shop system as a fair trade-off if it’s meant to be. Overwatch 2 A free to play game. This change in business model has attracted a wealth of new players over the past week, bringing the game back to player numbers it hasn’t seen in years.

Overwatch 2 Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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