Overwatch 2 Players Aren't Happy About Reinhardt's Beard

While most of the heroes in Overwatch 2 have changed with the title’s launch, players are unhappy with the beard on Reinhardt’s new model.

While in most heroes Overwatch 2 With the release of the new title receiving a new and improved character model, many in the community have pointed out that Reinhardt’s makeover is less than an upgrade. While the original model of the tank had him wearing his helmet, Reinhardt seems to have preferred to strip him to his helmet. Overwatch 2.

While the new default skin features the German giant’s cheerful face and eye patch, many players have mocked Reinhardt’s prominently overgrown beard with the new model, with some fans joking that it makes him look like Santa Claus. As it looks. I almost every hero Overwatch 2The roster features an updated model to fit the game’s improved graphics and design choices, but players are still able to don each hero’s origin. Overwatch 1 Soon if they want.

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The matter was raised in a post by SoloEmi3 on Reddit, asking others in the community if they shared the same distaste for Reinhardt’s new beard. This post includes a side-by-side comparison of Reinhardt in the game model and his 2D icon art, emphasizing the differences between the two. Blizzard seems to have gone a little too high on the beard, growing it to a bushier length than seen in the character’s icon art while giving it a feather-like texture on top.

While the similarities to Santa Claus are clear throughout, many fans feel that the goofiness in the final look detracts from the more heroic nature that the developers were possibly going for. Nevertheless, the new helmetless face for Reinhard greatly emphasizes the human side of the hero, perhaps to emphasize that Reinhard is a fully human character rather than a robotic warrior as seen in other heroes. Is. Overwatch 2.

The community’s partial distaste for Reinhardt’s somewhat festive beard is one of the many complaints some fans have had for the game over the past few weeks since its launch. It’s safe to say. Overwatch 2 It had more than its fair share of bugs, server issues, and queue issues throughout its release period, and many longtime fans voiced their concerns for the new shop and microtransactions included with the Battle Pass mechanics. are introduced with the sequel.

Luckily, Overwatch 2 Brings plenty of new cosmetics to the table, and players are welcome to use any of the original skins. Overwatch Until their Battle.net account is merged. Whether a fan of Reinhardt’s new default skin or not, fans are fully eligible to cover the beard with the classic helmet if they wish.

Overwatch 2 Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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