Overwatch 2 Players Discover Funny Interaction Between Kiriko and Wrecking Ball

one Overwatch 2 The player gets a funny dialogue that takes place between Wrecking Ball and Kiriko. Blizzard’s team-based shooter is currently in Season 1, with over 30 characters currently available. This season will include a Halloween event. Overwatch Every year, Junkenstein’s revenge returns.

Many games will have special exchanges between certain characters that can be heard playing. Often times the voiceover lines are more comedic in nature, although some of these conversations can provide insight into the characters who are talking to each other. This allows developers to provide character details without stopping for a full conversation. Overwatch 2 Such interactions take place, with many leading to laughter as a round is about to begin.

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On Reddit, one Overwatch 2 The player known as Traxigor posted a short clip with some hilarious dialogue between two of the game’s playable heroes right before the match. It starts with Overwatch The character Wrecking Ball announces to Crico that his hamster pilot, Hammond, is afraid of foxes. Kriko then asks if it’s because he looks so delicious. The robot translates Hammond’s answer as yes and then follows up with the line, “I’m fine”. A bit unexpected but delivers a laugh, especially since it’s delivered with a deep robot voice.

Redditors are looking for snippets of conversations between Wrecking Ball and Kiriko in. Overwatch 2 Being Funny One commenter said he spit out his drink when he said the line in the game, while another user said it was one of the best new interactions between the characters. One gamer joked that it’s too bad they’ll never hear the line because no one ever uses Wrecking Ball. This kind of dialogue is good to hear before an intense match, as it can put players in a lighter mood before going into battle.

The vocal lines between Kriko and Wrecking Ball aren’t the only funny exchanges Traxigor gets. Overwatch 2. In a video uploaded by Reddit user tristanwiedeman, it was revealed that Hanzo and Orissa players would talk to each other before a match if they were on the same team. Orisa will notice that Hanzo is staring at him and will ask if he wants to ride him into battle. Archer then walks in with a strange number as if he is thinking and trying to deny it now. Orisa tells her not to lie, as it is beneath her. The dialogues that both Traxigor and tristanwiedeman have posted show that Blizzard has a sense of humor when it comes to how their characters will interact in the game.

Overwatch 2 Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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