Overwatch 2 Players Have Suggestion for Auto Queue

Overwatch 2 players have an interesting suggestion for how the game’s autocue system could be improved, making matchmaking easier.

Overwatch 2 Players are asking Blizzard to add a new feature to the game’s autocue system that will allow them to cancel their matchmaking search at the end of the game. continues with success. overwatch, Overwatch 2 Gives players a similar experience of team-based FPS action. Considering the success of the first game and the fact that Blizzard made its sequel free-to-play, Overwatch 2 It has seen a large number of players joining its servers since its release.

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While Overwatch 2 With many players battling each other in its casual and competitive modes, some fans are pointing out various issues in Blizzard’s latest shooter. First, plenty Overwatch 2 Fans found that they couldn’t actually play the game when they wanted to log in because of the huge number of people trying to join at launch. Since then, Blizzard has been working on a number of other issues, including one that meant players themselves Overwatch 2 Hero despite earning from war pass.

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Now, players are again asking Blizzard to make the change. Overwatch 2, especially in relation to its auto-queue function. Reddit user MyGoodFriendJon pointed out that there should be an option to cancel auto queue matchmaking after the end of the game. Currently, players can’t just click cancel and have to stop their quest after it starts. While this is not a major problem. Overwatch 2this would be a nice added feature according to many players, as it would prevent them from automatically searching for another match even if they didn’t want to.

Auto queue can be turned off in the game settings, but for many in the comments of MyGoodFriendJon’s post, it would make sense to have a cancel button, allowing players to search for more matches until then. until they want to stop playing. Other comments also pointed out that auto queue is not available in all. Overwatch 2 Game modes, which create another annoyance when players finish a match and have to manually queue up for their next match. For some, this exists as part of a larger problem with the game’s UI, which has also been criticized, particularly on screen. Overwatch 2 war pass

Many commenters described the new UI as feeling “rushed”, further criticizing Blizzard’s latest title. Overwatch 2 The PvP mode was delayed before its release a few weeks ago, but even though Blizzard has given itself more time to work on the game, parts of it feel unfinished to some fans. Right now it seems like Blizzard is focusing on other issues with the game, namely issues like this one Overwatch 2 Bastion and Torbjorn will be removed from competitive play.

Overwatch 2 Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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