Overwatch 2 Players Want Victory Screen Changes to Match the 5v5 Setup

Veterans have a few issues with the way games are finished in Overwatch 2, but one, in particular, is hurting players’ eyes.

Something is off with the victory pose screen at the end of 5v5 matches. Overwatch 2. Of all the problems that plagues the first Overwatch 2, has an ongoing problem at the end of the game. Players have had a number of complaints, from scrapping end-of-match cards (and subsequent voting) to terrible plays in game highlights. But this is only the beginning of the problem.

Perceptive community members have noted that the final win pose remains the same as the 6v6 pose but one player is left side by side. As expected, this creates a one-sided lineup of heroes that they choose to display whatever victory their individual gamers have assigned them. This may just be an aesthetic issue, but it certainly highlights a lack of polish from a studio previously known for its surreal attention to detail. Giving away free skins doesn’t necessarily make up for these bugs.

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Reddit user GhettoKawaiiQueen took to the forum to show an example that specifically highlighted the gap on the right. It is easy to see that someone needs to stand by Anna’s side in this picture. Either that or the cameraman needs to do a little more work. The image immediately does tricks on the eyes, especially for gamers who have been playing the first game for years.

For now, perhaps the best solution is to ignore it. Those who really hate it can play custom 6v6 games in the meantime for fun. This solution is obviously not good for players trying to level up their battle pass or knock out challenges, but it’s not exactly the kind of problem that makes the game unplayable.

Getting rid of end-of-match cards has not gone well. As this is a more active and stressful affair, gamers will likely recognize that implementations that provide more positive feedback to players should take precedence over correctly centering poses. There are some bugs to work out and hero balances to do, things that affect the gameplay experience.

Nevertheless, the image offers a somewhat cruel reminder of what used to be. While many enjoy the easy team management and deathmatch-style feel of the new 5v5 setup, gamers who enjoy teamwork and the chaos created by 6v6 battles are right on their screens. As soon as they see it, they sigh. They may not even realize why their eyes are moving in that direction in sadness. Such images often speak more in emotion than mechanical facts. This combined with the uneven menu images gives players the feeling that while the game may still be fun, something else is off.

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