Overwatch 2: Rare Mercy Voice Line Plays When Everyone on Her Team Can Self-Heal

During a recent Overwatch 2 Mech, a gamer, discovers that Mercy has a unique vocal line that plays when everyone on her team can heal themselves. While the fans love it. Overwatch The series has a number of reasons, a key factor in its popularity being the list of memorable characters that Blizzard has added over the years. With a number of unique abilities and sometimes amazing skin designs, these characters have voice lines that are heard during matches. Overwatch 2, Adding to the immersion of the experience.

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Overwatch 2 It features 35 characters, including new heroes Kriko, Junker Queen, and Sojorn, and each of them comes with multiple voices. While each hero has a selection of voice lines that players can purchase and use during matches, a wide range of other pieces of dialogue will play automatically depending on the situation. Also, some of them are rarer than others, such as those related to mercy.

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Taking to Reddit, a user known as NiceGuyWillis shared an unusual discovery he made while playing the game. Overwatch 2. Specifically, a Reddit user revealed a voice line for Mercy that they hadn’t heard before while playing a match on Midtown, a hybrid map. However, this was discovered before the game started. When they chose Anna. Overwatch 2“Everybody on this team can heal themselves. It should be easy,” said Mursi, an ally.

After hearing this vocal line, NiceGuyWillis proceeded to open them up Overwatch 2 Double check the leaderboard to see if everyone on their team can heal themselves. Surprisingly, his squad consisted of Roadhog, Soldier 76, Reaper and Mercy, meaning each player had a form of healing. “Oh, he’s fine,” NiceGuyWillis said after hearing the vocal line before the start of the match.

Not surprisingly, this rare Mercy voice line has sparked quite a debate. Overwatch 2 Fans on Reddit. The post has already garnered a massive 13.1K upvotes in just one day, with many commenting that they loved the interaction between the heroes. Overwatch 2. In addition to comments about this particular Mercy voice line, several other gamers pointed out how other dialogues would only work with certain team compositions. For example, some users pointed out that the game included unique vocal lines that were played between members of the Black Watch when they were on the same team.

Interestingly, this is not the only unusual discovery made by gamers during the game. Overwatch 2. In addition to this rare Mercy voice line, another fan recently discovered that the robot on Push Maps can talk to players. with Overwatch 2 Just over a week old, the millions of gamers checking out the gameplay will unearth even more easter eggs in the coming days.

Overwatch 2 Available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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