Pokemon GO Community Day Adds Ursaluna, but There's a Catch

Pokemon GO’s November Community Day will allow players to evolve Tedversa to Asalona, ​​but the latter’s addition comes with a catch.

Pokemon GoCommunity Day in November 2022 will feature Teddiursa, but the biggest addition here is that players will be able to catch them, craft them and potentially earn Asrona, which was introduced in Evolution. Pokemon Legends: Arceus. However, if players miss this window, it will be very difficult to catch that Pokemon moving forward.

Pokemon Go Community Day takes place on November 12th from 2pm to 5pm local time, featuring bonus Catch Stardust, Catch Candy, and XL Candy, as well as 3-hour long Incense and Lure modules. Players will also be able to purchase special exploration tickets for “A Sweet Snack”, while Ursaring will appear in 4-star Raid Battles from 5pm to 10pm. Defeating him will spawn more tedoresas around this gym.

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Of course, big reward for that Pokemon Go Community Day is Ursaluna, as it was introduced to the farm. Pokemon Legends Arceus. This isn’t the first Hisui Pokemon to appear in it pokemon go, But this event is still big. This event inspires Ursaluna to high horsepower, but it’s not as simple as getting enough candy to evolve Ursaring. Ursaring will only spawn in Ursaluna when the full moon is visible. Fortunately, players can craft Ursaring from Ursaluna between 2pm and 6am local time on November 12th and November 13th, but if players miss this window, getting Ursaluna will be very difficult. .

After this Community Day, fans will only be able to perform this evolution when the full moon is visible. This means that it will be obtainable throughout most of November and December, becoming the only Pokémon obtainable at night. It should be noted that it is related to Asalona. Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Where it can only evolve with a full moon, but that doesn’t make real-world application much better for many people.

It is not. Pokemon Fans have nothing to keep them busy, if they miss out and have to wait. Six days after this Community Day event, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will hit the switch. Pokemon Legends Arceus Introduced many new Pokemon forms and such, but Pokemon Scarlet and Violet There are said to be 103 new Pokemon being added to the game, for a full Pokédex total of 400 or so (meaning a good chunk of old Pokemon won’t be available).

Pokemon Go Available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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