Pokemon GO Halloween Part 1 Event Details Revealed

per annum Pokemon Go The Halloween event is returning once again, and like last year it will be a two-part event. The first part will see the arrival of a new Ghost-type Mega Pokemon, a new Shiny, and a remixed version of the game’s Lavender Town music.

At the Halloween event Pokemon Go Beloved by fans, it has established itself as one of the game’s premier events thanks to classic changes to the in-game music, generous bonuses for catching candy, and an increasing spin on Ghost-type Pokemon that are out of the ordinary. Periods are rare. year. This year’s event will once again be split into two parts and will feature increased spins of Ghost-, Poison-, and Dark-type Pokemon, as well as the debut of the Shiny type of a popular Bat Pokemon.

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Part 1 of Pokemon Go The Halloween event will begin on October 20 and players will be rewarded with double candy for catching, hatching and transferring Pokemon. Players above level 31 will also receive a guaranteed XL Candy for their friend Pokemon that explores the world with them. The event spins will include Gastly, Hunter, Zobit, Spinark, Mercro, Mesdravis, Shupet, Disklops, Absol, Sebelye, Driftlon, Yamask, Goliath, Fantemp and Pumpcabo. Glow spawn rate will be increased for Gastly, Zubat, Spinarak, Murkrow, Misdreveous, Shuppet, Absol, Sabeleye, Driftloon, and Yamask.

The event-themed eggs will feature Noibat in 7km eggs, whose shiny will be his first appearance, Yamask and Galarian Yamask, Phantump, and Golett. I first time Pokemon Go, Mega Bennett, the finished version of the shoppet will be available in Mega Reds and is likely to be glossy. Other event rewards include exclusive themed research assignments and 2 paid timed research paths. Tickets will be available for $1 (or regional equivalent). Pokemon Go Shop and finally have a special meeting with Yamask and Gallerin Yamask. A $5 ticket (or regional equivalent) will earn extra candies, more themed research tasks, and an avatar item.

In the spirit of Halloween, a remixed version of Lavender Town Music pokemon red, blue, green, And yellow will return The shop will also sell themed Avatar items: a Zobit hat, a Disclops costume and a head wrap. Ghost-type and Dark-type Pokémon will be featured in all levels of raids, including transformed form Giratina in 5-star raids.

Niantic has only revealed Pokemon and raids for Part 1 of the Halloween event and may reveal Part II rewards closer to the October 27 deadline. With the current Season of Light theme, this should mean the return of the October Community Day Pokémon Litweek and its new roster of shiny, Pokémon, field research tasks and rewards.

Pokemon Go Available now on Android and iOS devices.

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