Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leaker Teases Some of the Games' Strongest Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Riddler Khu, one of the most trusted leakers in the community, recently posted about some of the most anticipated and incredibly strong, albeit unrevealed, Pokémon. In the past, Khu has leaked Pokemon Scarlet and Violet For starters as well as other features that have proven to be valid. Khu’s leaks should be taken with a grain of salt, but they are far more reliable than most found on the internet.

Khu has discussed a couple of Pokémon before, such as the Ghost-type Coin Pokémon. He has said that the second one was much more annoying to get than the Spiritomb. Pokemon games, and they have also discussed Hammer-based Steel/Fairy-type Pokemon. The pseudo-legendary and legendary Pokemon of Scarlet and Violet It will no doubt be the strongest in the games, but these Coin Pokemon and Hammer Pokemon are also shaping up to be heavy hitters.

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Coin Pokémon A Ghost/Steel type players will be able to go on their journey, but while it’s as easy as catching its pre-Evo, getting its second stage is much harder. There are coins or equivalents scattered around the Paladia area. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Players will have to collect to prepare it. However, its evolution is considered OP by Khu, also suggesting that this Pokemon has a signature 5 PP move with 140/150 base power with no drawbacks of any kind. Completing such a task seems like a reward, but in terms of competition Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Fans can expect to see plenty of this creature.

Additionally, Khu confirmed that players will be able to capture Hammer Fairy Moon in the early game. There are three stages players will need to train for, but the time investment will be well worth it. Steel/Fairy is a powerful type combination, and this Pokemon can easily become a major core game-sweeper once caught. Steel/Fairy Pokemon of the past have relied heavily on trickery like Klefki, but hopefully that won’t be true this time around.

It’s worth noting that Pokemon fans don’t keep up with the leaks and those who do see the species differently. It’s wild. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has revealed little officially, yet for example, many fans know if Khu’s record continues as such. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet It has a total of 400 Pokémon — less than half of the creatures available at the time of its release.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Releases November 18th for Nintendo Switch.

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