Puppet Combo’s Thief-Inspired Horror Game Stay Out of the House Out Now

Puppet Combo, the cult PS1-era horror game developer and publisher, has launched its latest project. Stay out of the house Fans on PC are anxiously waiting for the release. Stay out of the house For a longer time than usual as Puppet Combo iterated on the 2018 code and expanded the scope of the game to what may be its biggest project to date. But even a last 3 days Stay out of the house The delay didn’t dampen the excitement for the Puppet Combo faithful.

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The puppet combo has grown in popularity from game to game over the past five years. A flood of games in 2018 and 2019, incl Night duty, Massacre of Noon, feed me cat, Glass stairsAnd The front Helped Puppet Combo launch their own publishing label, Torture Star Video. Publishing partner projects, eg bloody And Night at Hell’s Gatehas helped fill the gaps between Puppet Combo’s increasingly large standalone projects.

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Stay out of the house Puppet may be Kombo’s biggest project yet. The horror game’s developer has said that it took as long as it needed to make it. Stay out of the house What he wanted, including all the features he planned along the way. Now horror game fans can play. Stay out of the house For yourself, as the game is currently available on Steam or through Puppet Combo’s Patreon.

However, the horror game maker has a warning for its fans. Stay out of the house is not like murder house, Which many new Puppet Combo fans might think is the developer’s default style. Puppet Kombo says that if Murder House Affected by Demon of residence, silent hillAnd Clock tower, Stay out of the house Affected by The Stranger: Solitude, ThiefAnd System shock. In other words, it’s a stealth horror game and not a puzzle-focused survival horror game.

Those who are hoping for another game like this. Murder House There is also good news. Puppet House says those fans should wait for its development plan. Power Drill Massacre. With like Stay out of the house, Power Drill Massacre This will be the “full” version of Puppet Combo, a small game released in 2015.

The new Puppet Combo game is, for now, exclusive to PC. Puppet Kombo has said there are no plans for it. Stay out of the house On consoles at the moment, but this is an expected response. If that’s possible, a console release could come with time, as so many things do. Murder House and other PS1-era graphics horror games.

Stay out of the house Now available on PC.

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