Rocksteady Developer Thinks Xbox Series S is Going to Hold Back This Entire Generation of Games

A senior developer at Rocksteady Studios shared on Twitter that he believes. Xbox Series S The console has “hamstringed” an entire generation of video games. After this news, online discussions regarding the game development have started. Gotham Knights PS5 and Xbox Series X/S exclusives will only launch on consoles supporting 30fps. This has prompted some to make harsh statements about why certain games may be blocked, making the Xbox Series S a prime target.

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A post by Gotham Knights Developer Flor Marti on Discord started today’s complex and controversial conversation. Marty explained. Gotham Knights Performance mode, a mode that typically sacrifices resolution and graphics features for frame rate. As, Gotham Knights Will only support 30fps on consoles. The decision by developer Warner Bros. has been criticized by aspiring players. Gotham Knights To support 60fps

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In a series of tweets, Rocksteady joined the conversation regarding senior character technical artist Lee Donald. Gotham Knights. First, it focuses on what 60fps means and the trade-offs necessary to reach it. That’s especially important given that “we have a current-gen console that’s not much better than the last generation,” he says. He answers a question about the hardware bottleneck and specifically mentions the Xbox Series S GPU, which “optimizes for the lowest performer” multi-platform games.

Another follow-up tweet from Donald showed how little the senior developer thinks of the Xbox Series S. “There’s a whole generation of games, inspired by this potato,” he says. It’s not just because the Xbox Series S exists. Microsoft “won’t let you launch on one without the other,” explains Donald. It’s that requirement, which must be met for a multi-platform game to launch on Xbox consoles, paired with the Xbox Series S’ relatively underpowered GPU that suggests Donald believes that Why has this generation suffered?

To Donald’s credit, he has since apologized for his posts regarding the Xbox Series S. Twitter users pointed out that Donald’s demand for respect for developers is hypocritical if he’s doing so in the same breath attacking Microsoft’s Xbox Series S developers. He also clarified that, while Rocksteady has the same parent company. Gotham Knights According to developer WB Games Montreal, he is completely unaware of the project and knows nothing about its development or what is limiting the game.

No mention of a long post by Donald to finish his thoughts and stay out of the conversation Xbox Series Sbut it says that whatever problems there may be with the current console generation are “probably not the reason behind the decisions”. Gotham Knights30 fps. He says he wants to “educate about some of the trials that occur in development,” and that development teams “should always be independent.” Their the game Their Further, he reiterates that any level of developer abuse or harassment is wrong and needs to be stopped, which everyone must agree with.

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