Rumor: Silent Hill Artist Who Designed Pyramid Head May Be Returning to Series

Some Silent Hills news is inbound, which may or may not reveal upcoming projects, and on top of that, artist Masahiro Ito is hinting at his return.

Masahiro this, silent hill The artist responsible for bringing iconic creatures like the Pyramid Head to the world, has been hinting that he might be returning to the series, with new projects and remakes heavily rumored recently. With the tragic loss of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s PT Back in 2015, many fans were hoping for a new entry in the legendary horror series. So far, nothing has been confirmed, but there have been plenty of leaks and speculations that either a new game, or at least a remake, is in development.

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Recently, Konami made a statement. silent hill The news is coming on October 19th at 2PM PDT, though exactly what will be announced has yet to be revealed. After all these years, this could be the announcement gamers have been waiting for. While some may be convinced that this news will be related to a reboot of the series, some may be a little skeptical about what the publisher is up to, especially considering that the company has Not much interest has been shown. silent hill franchise since cutting ties with Kojima.

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However, a series of tweets from Ito once again leans towards the idea that a new silent hill The project is in the works, with the possibility that the artist may be involved. Posts on Twitter appear to show the time, presumably the clock is ticking until Konami makes its announcement. Ito worked on the original. A.S.C trilogy, being the chief monster designer on the games. By far, Pyramid Head, who makes his first appearance in the second game, is the franchise’s most popular character. They even feature in the 2006 movie adaptation despite not making any sense, as the pyramid head is supposed to represent James Sunderland’s psyche. Silent Hill 2.

Speaking of adaptations, the first film’s director Christoph Gans says that Konami is making several. silent hill games and that he is working with the team, adding that Konami is reviving the franchise. With all these rumors swirling around, it’s hard for any fan not to get their hopes up.

Along with the new games, other speculation suggests that the Blubber team is rebuilding. Silent Hill 2, but again there is no official confirmation on this. Blubber is responsible for such horror hits. Layers of Fear. And 2021 Medium. Whatever Konami has in store for the long-dormant series should be made clear soon. As long as it’s not pachinko machines or NFTs, most should be happy with the reveal.

a lot silent hill The game is rumored to be in development.

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