Runescape Streamer RSGloryAndGold Has Died

popular to twist Livestreamer Tony “RSGloryAndGold” Winchester, known mostly for playing RuneScapeDied on October 12 after a long battle with brain cancer. RSG Glory and Gold He left behind a family that confirmed his death on October 14 and gained more than 351,000 YouTube subscribers and 220,000 YouTube subscribers over six years.

RSGloryAndGold died at the age of 69, and RuneScape The pro was incredibly transparent about his journey through YouTube videos that provided health updates every step of the way. Knowing his days were limited due to his battle with brain cancer, RSGloryAndGold opened a GoFundMe five days before his death so his fans could help pay for his family’s funeral. Beyond his regular Twitch live streaming, RSGloryAndGold also posts YouTube videos with earning tips. RuneScape Gold, crafting, banning harmful players, conquering others in PvP, and more.

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Confirmed by RSGloryAndGold’s family. RuneScape The content creator’s death on Twitter and a short YouTube video explaining the exact cause of his death, noting that he was surrounded by family and was not in pain. A GoFundMe that was started early has a goal of $50,000, and has already raised more than $40,000 to help his family cover the funeral expenses that RSGloryAndGold hopes for. had been. The news of RSGloryAndGold’s death caused an outpouring of messages on social media. RuneScape To commemorate the Twitch streamer in the community and beyond.

Before his death, RSGloryAndGold posted a GoFundMe for donors in which he opened up about the pain and partial blindness from two malignant tumors that prevented him from walking the way he normally does. As he does. RSGloryAndGold’s son, who is helping with things like GoFundMe, noted in a YouTube upload that the family fought his cancer “strongly” before it spread to his spine and organs, which eventually killed him. Caused Other popular livestreamers such as Courage, Crayator, Ethan Klein, Jake Lucky, Ricky Berwick, and many others have expressed their condolences on the loss of the Winchester family.

Many members of RuneScape And the Twitch community has expressed its admiration for RSGloryAndGold as a “legend” since he passed away and mourned the family’s loss. Twitch viewers and RuneScape Fans can capture the content creator’s backlog in memory of the content creator.

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