Sony May Cancel its PlayStation Showcase Because of Microsoft

Sony It may not host its annual PlayStation showcase because it believes it could strengthen Microsoft’s case with regulators who are currently scrutinizing Activision’s acquisition of Blizzard King. Some regulators have already weighed in and approved it, but others like the UK regulator are taking a closer look. The main controversy is the acquisition of Microsoft Call of Dutywhich claims it won’t be exclusive, but Sony has said Microsoft’s offer wasn’t enough.

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Meanwhile, PlayStation fans are eagerly awaiting the PlayStation Showcase, and the two are connected according to a recent insider. For the past few years, Sony has held a PlayStation Showcase in September. Last year, for example, it revealed its features. Knights of the Old Republic remake, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Marvel’s WolverineAnd Ragnarok, God of War. Obviously that didn’t happen this year, and many rumors suggest that Sony is moving its PlayStation Showcase to October. Some people are still pushing the rumor, but at least one person suggests it won’t happen.

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According to Insider Millie, who has a strong track record, Sony was expected to announce the PS Showcase on October 11, instead of October 20. Again, it broke the September pattern. Sony was expected to reveal exclusive titles and first-party IP, as leaked alongside H.A remake of Orizon Zero DawnWith Kojima’s Elle Fanning teaser silent hill Reveal to be there too, before the two obviously break up. There are also suggestions from Yoshi-P Final Fantasy 16 A trailer will arrive in October, hinting at a possible PlayStation showcase.

But, as the CMA investigates Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Sony doesn’t want to give Microsoft any ammunition for its counter-arguments. In fact, Millie A described Airplane as the day that “Sonny believes.[s] A showcase would add weight to MS’s arguments,” so Sony is “holding firm” for now. Obviously, the investigation probably won’t be over anytime soon either, and that doesn’t make a PS showcase any time soon.

It also makes a lot of sense, as Sony is reluctant to reveal too many details on the matter. Ragnarok, God of War, even though it’s only a month away from its launch, it’s obviously all a mess. The fact is, if Sony wants to show off a lot of features, that’s in its favor too. Call of Duty is a juggernaut, no doubt, but Sony has a much more established exclusive base than Microsoft. If Sony goes all out on the PS Showcase for its fans (and it should), it will be a big display of Sony’s current and upcoming exclusive projects. It’s dirty, simple as that. One can fault Microsoft for buying studios if one wants, but Sony dominated with exclusives throughout the PS4-Xbox One era. Despite its large library of sports and games in development, its entire bet is. Call of Duty Will fundamentally change this competition, not deny it, and probably will. How this all plays out remains to be seen, but the situation is still evolving.

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