Sony Working on Adjustable Robot for Better Motion Capture

A new, adjustable robot developed by Sony aims to improve the motion capture process used in video game development.

Sony aims to make progress in improving the motion capture process used in video game development through the use of an adjustable robot designed to assist motion capture actors. Although motion capture is a technology that has been used in the production of movies and video games for decades, it is not without its flaws, and Sony aims to introduce a new technology to improve the process. .

In the realm of video game development, motion capture involves the use of specialized cameras and sensors to capture the movements of a human actor or actress in a real-world performance space. This movement data is then applied to the virtual character’s skeletal rig to make them move like the actor, largely eliminating the need to manually animate virtual characters’ movements.

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Sony has revealed plans to develop a dynamic, adjustable robot that aims to assist human actors in the process. With the ability to adjust its shape and move around the performance area, the motion capture robot will be able to provide an asset to reference and interact with the actors. This will be useful in a wide range of different situations that typically arise in motion capture productions, and will allow actors to easily perform tasks such as opening doors and petting animals.

A good example of this is how robots will be used to tackle one of the most obvious challenges involved with motion capture productions – accurately synchronizing precise movements between virtual characters. Because motion capture actors typically perform alone, performing precise actions such as handshakes with other virtual characters can sometimes be challenging, and if the actor performs the action when rendered in-game doesn’t line up properly, so developers have to be careful. Edit the conversation so it looks more natural in the virtual space. Sony plans to enable the robot to mount props such as model hands to make it easier for actors to coordinate their movements accurately.

Although motion capture is used in many high-budget games, there is ongoing debate as to whether it should be used instead of pure, traditional animation. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, so the option to use often depends on the material to which it is to be applied.

For example, many argue that overly cartoonish characters that feature unusual proportions should be fully animated using 3D animations. Others contend that motion capture allows virtual characters to express a great deal of personality that cannot be brought out through traditional animation, a popular example being Gollum. Lord of colors series of films. Regardless, Sony is confident that its new robot motion capture will go a long way toward negating many of the downsides seen in acting.

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