Sony Working on Interactive 'What-If' Gameplay System

Sony Some innovative ways to keep the player engaged for longer may be being considered, with a proposed machine learning feature coming up with a special “what if” replay method that includes more of the game. Advanced gameplay results are showcased. This is the latest in a long line of innovative feature patents that the company hopes to leverage in the future to improve the player’s gaming experience in every possible way.

That said, Sony has been doing quite a bit of patenting over the past year or so, with an impressively comprehensive lineup of features that could prove crucial to some of its services in the long run. From implementing a modern user interface, to exciting new ways to combat frame rate drops, Sony’s R&D department seems to be working overtime across the board.

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The latest in a line of rapid-fire patent filings, Sony’s latest filing refers to a unique “what if” game replay system that will identify and display hypothetical game scenarios that a player might encounter at a given moment in time. are contextual for Conceptually similar to Sony’s recent Player Takeover patent, the feature will leverage a special machine learning algorithm to keep the player engaged by showing them what the consequences of their gameplay choices could be. This can also prevent frustration in adapting to more advanced and complex game features, as the player will quickly and easily learn if they want to achieve the displayed results in the first place.

Interestingly, this feature will go hand in hand with Sony’s recent spoiler patent, where AI can automatically censor potential spoilers without any additional input from the player themselves. The game could, in theory, create videos of gameplay results on the fly, and if they included any kind of spoiler, machine learning algorithms could edit the generated content out of the video. Is.

Even as PS5 shipment numbers increase dramatically, Sony isn’t twiddling its thumbs. With the patent described in the article coming at a rapid pace, the company is apparently looking to prepare its software stack for all sorts of eventualities in the long term. It remains to be seen which ones persevere and eventually get used, but it’s all but certain that Sony already has at least plans for most of them.

Sony, of course, is in a bit of a pickle over potentially losing out to PlayStation. Call of Duty in the future. As Microsoft moves in and possibly acquires Activision Blizzard, Sony can hope to use its roster of exclusive, patented features to make its ecosystem more interesting and usable than Xbox’s. I can make it easier. Whatever the case, it will certainly be interesting to see what comes of this patent.

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