Splinter Cell Remake Game Director is Leaving Ubisoft

Splinter Cell Remake director, David Grivel, has announced that he is leaving Ubisoft to accept a new position at a different game company.

In what is sure to be a surprise to many, Splinter Cell Remake Game director David Gravel is leaving Ubisoft. Grivel has previously worked on other Ubisoft games, such as being the lead designer on this one Go away 6. The announcement of Gravel’s departure came directly on social media, after more than 10 years at Ubisoft Toronto, where the studio currently operates. Splinter Cell Remake. The game has lost its director, a new director has yet to be named, and there is no word on how the departure will affect the game. Splinter Cell Remake.

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A remake of the original Splinter cell It was announced in December 2021, but since then, information about the upcoming title has become scarce. Although this new Splinter cell Being made as a remake of the first entry, the developers confirmed that there will be changes. story for Splinter Cell Remake Being rewritten for a modern audience. Now that the game has lost its director, fans of the series are skeptical about whether the title will ever see the light of day, especially with the loss of a veteran director like Greville.

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Gravel announced his departure on his official LinkedIn page. No specific reason for his departure was given by Ubisoft. Gravel also confirmed that he is taking a new position as creative director at People Can Fly Studios. People Can Fly Studio is perhaps best known for its collaboration with Epic Games on. Gears of War: Judgment And A storm of bullets. I last running title Splinter cell It was a franchise Splinter Cell: The Blacklist Back in 2013. A VR Splinter cell The title was in development but was canceled in July 2021.

While little is known about what Gravel is working on next at PeopleCanFly Studios, Gravel’s post details a wealth of experience in the gaming industry. Grivel has worked on such games. Dirty racer And Far Cry Primalso it appeared that Splinter Cell Remake It was going to be in capable and experienced hands. With so many titles in development at Ubisoft, hopefully a new director will be named soon, and the project will get back on track. However, recent developments at Ubisoft may be putting it off Splinter cell Franchise at risk.

It’s been almost a decade since I had a new entry. Splinter cell The franchise has seen the light of day. With the sudden departure of the game’s director, fans can only hope that the game continues to make progress for release. While Splinter cell Mostly a stealth-heavy, single-player experience, Ubisoft recently shut down online services for many of its titles, including the previous Splinter cell Hopefully, Gravel’s departure will not negatively impact the development of a long-awaited new entry. Splinter cell Franchise

Oh Splinter cell The remake is currently in development.

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