Strange Genshin Impact Glitch Gives Jean a Lightsaber

A Genshin Impact fan has shared a hilarious glitch that turns Monstad’s Knights of Fuunius actor Grandmaster into a lightsaber user.

An interesting one Ganesh Impact The glitch equips the animo sword-wielding genie with a lightsaber. Glitches have been a part of the game since it came back in 2020, and while some can ruin perfect Spiral Abyss runs, most of them are harmless.

Reddit user CraftingVegeto shared two. Ganesh Impact The screenshots show a glitch that gives the impression of Jane holding a lightsaber. Jane is a popular anime character who serves as the Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Funenius.

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The thread was well received by the game’s community as the post received over 7k votes with numerous comments asking how to trigger the glitch, so they could try to replicate it on their server. Although CraftingVegeto did not provide an explanation, fans suspect that it may have something to do with Jane’s elemental burst, Dandelion Breeze, which briefly lights up the sword. Jane is a five-star anima character that can be obtained by wishing on a standard banner. At the time of her release in September 2020, she was considered an S-tier character and one of the strongest healers in the game.

The release of new and stronger characters with a much deeper cut has forced Jane out of most team compositions. Even the recent meta shift with the new Dendro element didn’t have a big impact on his playrate because Animo doesn’t have a lot of synergy with Dendro compared to some other elements. Over the past few months, players have been asking the HoYoverse to improve the status of old characters like Jin, Diluc, and Keqing.

One of the most popular Ganesh Impact Fan-made concepts include the introduction of new Awakening constellations that will return these characters to their former glory. This concept includes giving their active and passive abilities additional effects as well as increasing their level cap to 100. Many comments have said that having the glowing sword shown in the thread would fit perfectly into Jane’s Awakening phase.

Another big improvement that the majority of the community wants involves changing the way the standard banner works. Currently, there are six different characters, with new Dendro user Tignhari being the most recent addition. While expanding the character pool seems like a step in the right direction, players still want the option to choose which five-star character they’re pulling for.

Ganesh Impact Available now on mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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