Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Wanderer of the Rift DLC Contents Revealed

Square Enix revealed a full trailer for the upcoming. A rift wanderer DLC expansion Stranger in Paradise: The Ultimate Fantasy Original. The trailer has a brief look at some of the new classes that will be added, plot beats, along with a new gameplay feature introduced – The Rift Labyrinth. It takes place after the DLC’s main story Stranger in Paradise: The Ultimate Fantasy Original And the first DLC episode Trials of the Dragon King.

Square Enix previously revealed the release date. A rift wandererWith its central focus on repetition Final concept Central location Gilgamesh. While he was first introduced in the fifth mainline game, he became a character that would appear in many later games. These recurring appearances would solidify him as a roving sword collector. ff-verse that fans know today. This DLC is no exception, where one of the Big Boss battles that players will face will be against Gilgamesh himself.

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As shown in the trailer. A rift wanderer, Gilgamesh will fight Jack and his party with a variety of swords and spears he has collected, as well as a missile. Not only that, his presence summons the Rift Labyrinth, where players can take on a variety of randomly generated short dungeons. This adds a whole new level of difficulty called Gilgamesh, which will not only level up the enemies the player will fight, but will also give them the chance to acquire special equipment that is blessed. Is.

This higher difficulty level will introduce a new set of monsters that will appear exclusively in this mode, called Chaotic Monsters. This is indicated by the crown, which will give the player better rewards. A rift wanderer I will introduce a new job class. A stranger to heaven Also, she is a Blue Mage. This allows Jack to learn and use enemy abilities by casting blue magic. Not only that, a new command ability will be introduced called Dimension Bringer, where Jake can slow down enemies in his area of ​​effect, and any damage he deals will be increased with each action. Uses potential.

A rift wanderer Tonberry will also introduce a new version of Tonberry, called Tonberry Blossom. Another item included will be Monster Bells, where using it can summon a monster to aid a player during battle. Players can increase their affinity with these monsters by participating in special conversations, using items, and even feeding them. This DLC expansion can only be accessed with the purchase of the full season pass, which includes the first episode as well as the upcoming third episode. A different future.

Stranger in Paradise: The Ultimate Fantasy Original Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. gave A rift wanderer The DLC will launch on October 26, 2022.

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