Symmetra's New Look in Overwatch 2 May Hint at a Villain Turn

Observant gamers who think they feel Symmetra looks more dangerous. Overwatch 2 are not alone. Going into the first game as the Master of the Order Overwatch 2, Symmetra has always had a cold and calculating streak. The Overwatch heroes have been lucky that Talon’s anger at Chaos made him an ally against them.

Symmetra, as its name implies, is the frenzy of order. Players who master his abilities will hear his grunting sounds that reveal his perfectionism. Statements like, “absolutely,” everything by design, and “perfect harmony” give allies and opponents glimpses into his spirit. Its hard light technology takes various light particles and transforms them into structured structures of your choice.

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As part of his storyline in “A Better World”, he is involved in a terrorist attack. Although she refuses to kill people if given the choice, her co-worker coldly explains that the lives destroyed and ruined in this attack will make the world a better place. Her desire for control is so strong that she silently accepts it as truth. Granted she’s been captured by her allies and is killing innocent people in her quest to rid the world of all evil, she could easily do it again. When two Overwatch And Overwatch 2 The skins are kept side by side, with fans beginning to overlook his veiled ambitions.

Those who have collected Overwatch Coins and bought some skins will have to revert to the default look for Sumitra, choosing her skins from both the first and second game. Most of the characters got a slight makeover, but Symmetra is on another level. A lock of her hair is left open, which is already out of character for her character. Combined with the regal gold pattern replacing her previous, more self-assured attire, it seems that Sumitra is either not herself or is acknowledging her deepest compulsions.

Blizzard dropped the ball on their latest character biographies, but fans kept the information alive. The Overwatch team is as far from regimented as it gets to get under Symmetra’s skin. Freedom fighters from Lucio to Crico have not always been within the bounds of the law to win the day.

This is of course speculation. As players unlock all the heroes, they will notice some significant design differences between the games. Still, it must be said that each character’s design is a reflection of their personality. Symmetra’s design reflects this change in personality. With PvE promising at some point, gamers may be ready to fight Widowmaker and Reaper, but Symmetra can’t be fully trusted just yet.

Overwatch 2 Available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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