The Biggest Car Insurance Companies In The USA

Although there are thousands of licenced insurers in the US, only the top 10 insurers hold 74% of the market for auto insurance. These top Car Insurance providers are all well-known, but their prices, customer satisfaction scores, and policy options vary. These distinctions are outlined below in detail.

Car Insurance

List out the largest Company

1. State Farm

The largest vehicle insurer in the US, State Farm, accounts for 16% of the whole auto insurance market. With more than 18,000 agents spread around the country, the business was started in 1922. In addition to being the biggest business, State Farm is also regarded as one of the best in the US for offering affordable insurance.

Young and older drivers, as well as those with a history of traffic violations, can purchase coverage from the company at one of the more reasonable prices. Among the biggest auto insurance providers, State Farm has a reputation for providing highly rated customer service. Strong local presence has enabled State Farm to continually score highly in J.D. Power’s annual claims satisfaction assessment.

2. Progressive

Progressive was established in 1937 as a specialised insurer for high-risk drivers, making it the newest of the biggest insurance companies. Progressive now provides service to a wide spectrum of motorists in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Car insurance rates from Progressive are typically reasonable. The business is renowned for its well-liked cost-saving items. Customers can look at coverage alternatives within their price range using the tool’s “Name Your Price” feature. Additionally, its “Deductible Savings Bank” allows users to lower their deductibles by $50 for each consecutive six-month period during which they do not file a claim.

Progressive also offers Car Insurance to a variety of car owners. You can frequently get discounts for bundling more than one line of coverage because the organisation offers reasonable choices for motorbikes, renters, boats, and more policyholders.


Car Insurance

In 1974, GEICO began offering Car Insurance to the general public after being established 86 years earlier as an insurance provider for federal employees. Now, GEICO has more than 18 million active policies and insures more than 28 million automobiles nationwide and in Washington, D.C.

GEICO is best recognises for its affordable insurance rates. According to our calculations, GEICO policies cost $1,179 for full coverage and $402 for the bare minimum of coverage annually. A lot of policyholders can also purchase automobile insurance for even fewer thanks to the variety of insurance discounts that GEICO provides its clients.

In addition to being the finest insurance provider for the majority of consumers looking for affordable rates, GEICO is a wonderful option for those seeking an insurer with a useful app. But, when it comes to auto insurers, their customer service is about average nationally.


In order to give military personnel cheap insurance, USAA was established in 1922. Since USAA still exclusively provides coverage to active-duty, reserve, and retired military personnel and their families, that mission is still being carried out today.

If USAA offers automobile insurance, you have access to one of the greatest (and most affordable) insurance providers. USAA offers the most affordable alternative for coverage when compared to the other biggest businesses, including GEICO.

The company consistently scores better on claims than other leading vehicle insurers. In its annual claims satisfaction survey, J.D. Power consistently places USAA first. Additionally, USAA’s policyholders rarely complain about its service. Even though the insurer is not as physically present as some of the other top insurance providers on our list.

5. Allstate

The Sears Company first established Allstate in 1931 as a way to mail-order market auto insurance. With approximately 50,000 workers and a sizable network of local offices today, Allstate has grown to become a significant auto insurance provider.

Although Allstate’s premiums are higher than the national average for the cost of coverage, customers who seek convenient access to a local office will probably be happy with the firm. Some drivers can also reduce the cost of their insurance thanks to Allstate’s discounts and the Drivewise usage-based programme.

6. Liberty Mutual

For almost 112 years, Liberty Mutual has been in operation. From a mutual company in New England, it has developed into a multi-national organisation with over 45,000 people that write policies in every state.

Whatever the cost of coverage is in your location, Liberty Mutual offers several discounts that make it simple for many consumers to save money. For example, the business provides a 12% discount merely for signing up online. It collaborates with Navy Federal and provides members with a comparable discount.

Liberty Mutual’s reputation for customer satisfaction is one of its weaknesses when compared to other significant auto insurance providers. Although its local offices can make it simpler to handle your insurance if you prefer in-person service, it has lower claims satisfaction ratings than other large firms.

7. Nationwide

In Ohio, Nationwide was created 96 years ago as a solution to provide farmers with affordable coverage after it was determined that farmers tended to be safer drivers than their urban counterparts. Nationwide is a Fortune 100 firm now with millions of active policies, and they are no longer simply for farmers.

Nationwide might be a fantastic choice if you’re searching for affordable Car Insurance. The insurer charges lower than average premiums, $1,569 for a full coverage policy. Further savings provided by Nationwide may further reduce the cost of your auto insurance.

Nationwide’s prices could be affordable for some, but its track record for providing excellent customer service is lacking. For claims satisfaction, J.D. Power rates it below average.

8. Travelers

On our list of the biggest vehicle insurance providers, Travelers is the most established business. As it was established in 1864, the insurer has been providing insurance coverage even before the automobile was developed.

The minimal coverage policy with Travelers is $1,586 a year, which is less expensive than average for most people. Travelers are now price exactly in the middle of the other major insurance providers. By being eligible for any of the many discounts that Travelers offers, you could possibly enjoy lower rates.

Despite having average rates, J.D. Power’s survey indicates that Travelers have below-average claims satisfaction. In contrast to Allstate, the insurer scored higher for its claims satisfaction service.

9. American Family

American Family Insurance, which has been in business since 1927, has prices that are lower than the industry standard and are only slightly higher than those of USAA, State Farm, and GEICO. The insurer has a strong reputation for satisfying claims.

What is the primary problem with it? Just 19 states that American Family offers Car Insurance (many of them in the central part of the country). American Family has a substantially smaller market than the other significant insurance providers on this list.

10. Framers insurance

Farmers begin as a different way for farmers to obtain affordable Car Insurance, but today the insurer has more than 19 million policies (and coverage is no longer limit to farmers) in 10 million residences, as well as more than 21,000 staff members.

Farmers consistently receive positive reviews for their customer service. Here, Farmers offer the greatest customer service among the leading auto insurance providers, according to the J.D. Power Claims Satisfaction survey (besides USAA).

Although Farmers’ claims satisfaction is high, the cost of providing insurance can be considerable. According to our research, a full-coverage auto insurance policy runs about $2,000 on average per year. Farmers are now the most expensive choice among the biggest insurance companies in the United States as a result. Due to the insurer’s extensive list of concession alternatives, you could still be able to get affordable coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the leading insurance firms listed on a public market?

Top insurance providers are not all publicly trade. State Farm is one of many private mutual funds, which are not trade like common stocks and ETFs. Allstate, Progressive, and Travelers are all listed on a public exchange. The success of GEICO is correlated with Berkshire Hathaway stock, but GEICO is not a publicly trade company like the others.

2. Which insurance provider is the biggest in the United States?

State Farm, the largest auto insurance provider in the US, had $4.2 billion in revenue in 2020. In the list of the major insurance providers in the US, State Farm is follows by GEICO, Allstate, and USAA.

3. Which automobile insurance is rated highest?

The insurance provider with the highest J.D. Power rating is often USAA. The largest insurance companies in the nation continually give the insurer the highest claims satisfaction ratings. A.M. Best gives USAA strong marks for financial stability, and its policyholders rarely complain about the company.


To summarize, from the above-given article e have seen all the Biggest Car Insurance Companies in the USA. In addition, we have seen each company’s detailed description of the offers and coverage that are provided. Do refer to this article, before buying any automobile insurance. So that, you will get an idea about the best as well as affordable automobile insurance provider.


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