The Last of Us 2 Fan Points Out Incredible Skybridge Detail

A method in which The last 2 of us His world is through the regular placement of landmarks seen throughout the city of Seattle. A key part of Naughty Dog’s game design, its placement of distinct structures – called “weenies” – often mark points of interest that encourage players to explore or move towards. goes I The last of us series, the gold-domed Capitol Building in Boston, the yellow suspension bridge in Pittsburgh, and even the Space Needle in Seattle are some of the notable ones.

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Although these winnies serve a significant gameplay function in many Naughty Dog games by subconsciously guiding the player’s eye and providing them with positional information, The last 2 of us It differs from many of its contemporaries in this regard. Taking place in a single city over the course of three days, the game’s non-linear structure allows players to not only focus on the objective in front of them, but also visit places they’ve previously explored, and Even those they will face later.

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A Reddit user, TheLordofStarfall, highlights one such example of a post-game weenie appearing long before the player discovers them. During Eli’s first day in Seattle, he and Deanna explore the downtown area on horseback as they search for gasoline to power the gates of the Serena Hotel where they hope to find the Washington Liberation Front. .

During this semi-open world section of the game, players are given free rein to explore and collect resources before moving on. As TheLordofStarfall shows, after some careful jumping over the broken highway, players can see Lakehill Seattle Hospital where both Ellie and Abby go on their second day. From this elevated platform, by positioning the camera using photo mode and setting a wide field of view, players can also see the Sierra Fight Skybridge from which Abby and Leo can retrieve medicine for Yara. go

As several commentators point out, this is not the last chance, as the Pinnacle Theater where Eli and Dinah camp at the end of the day can be seen from the TV station they first discover. The next day, Ellie can see the entire area of ​​the city that she and Dinah have discovered as they approach the hospital, and Ellie can see the Space Needle when she arrives at the aquarium on the third day.

The sheer amount of detail contained within The last 2 of us It goes a long way toward making Seattle feel like a living, dangerous place on the brink of all-out war. Where many developers will, understandably, cut corners and skew the world’s geometry to save the precious few resources available on PlayStation 4 hardware since 2013, the world’s The last 2 of us Showcases the mad talent and dedication found in Naughty Dog.

The last 2 of us Available for PS4.

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