The Last of Us Fan Shares Gorgeous Astronaut Ellie Tattoo

A fan of The Last of Us has shared her beautiful tattoo of Ellie wearing an astronaut helmet inspired by a touching moment from The Last of Us 2.

A fan of The last of us Shares a beautiful astronaut tattoo. Ellie’s fascination with the pre-infection world represents a healthy trait of hers. The last of usincluding his love of outer space.

The last of us has inspired all kinds of fan creations, such as a fan’s life-like clicker mask, and images that celebrate moments from the game’s story. Still, nothing is as permanent as a tattoo to express one’s adoration, especially one as breathtaking as this one.

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It’s nothing new for fans to get tattoos inspired by the series, as an incredible one The last of us A clicker tattoo, or one that pays homage to the giraffe scene. This particular tattoo is more like the latter, in that it reflects wholesome elements of the series and characters in a way that fans can appreciate. Crossikki shared a photo of them. The last of us A tattoo of Ellie wearing an astronaut helmet on Reddit. The tattoo is in a black and white minimalistic style, shaded with stippling to highlight details like Ellie’s bag and the wrinkles in her jeans. Fans can also see the firefly symbol on Ellie’s astronaut helmet, which can be interpreted in different ways given Ellie’s relationship with fireflies in the first and second games.

The great thing about such tattoos is that they are mostly only recognized by the fan base. Because of this, it is presented as a meaningful moment to connect players to the game and a great piece of art that newcomers can enjoy, and possibly entice them to play. can do Ellie herself sports a tattoo. The last 2 of us Which can affect players in the same way, and The last of us Tattoo was used for PS5.

I The last 2 of us, there is a flashback chapter in which Joel takes Ellie to an abandoned museum for her birthday, showcasing Ellie’s excitement and childlike innocence as she explores dinosaurs, history, and space. Interact with different exhibits. This tattoo is inspired by a specific moment where Joel surprises Ellie with a replica spaceship, an astronaut helmet, and a cassette tape that Ellie imagines as an astronaut taking herself into space. . This iconic moment has not only inspired tattoos but also beauty. The last of us Examples that reflect what is so great about the series, and why it has touched so many people.

The Last of Us Part 1 Available on PS5 and coming to PC.

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