Twitch Streamer Goes from 0 Viewers to 89,000 Followers After Wholesome Video

In a heartwarming video, a Twitch streamer with 10 followers reached 89,000 followers after her heartfelt video went viral from a TikTok post.

Oh to twist The streamer has gone from 0 viewers to 89,000 (and counting) after posting a healthy video of her on TikTok. Although there have been many controversies on the popular streaming platform recently, such as Asmongold calling another streamer “pathetic” after claiming to donate $3000 to a viewer, the video, and the message behind it, A streamer almost unknown to a whole bunch of people. And now she is skyrocketing in popularity. A user has changed the life of this kind hearted woman by using her social media platform on TikTok.

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Twitch, while mostly focused on gaming, has been a source of all kinds of entertainment since its launch in 2011. The now popular lady had 0 views when a TikTok user named youtubekarve stumbled upon her channel. . She was not talking to anyone, and youtubekarve became her 10th follower. After spending some time chatting, youtubekarve decided to post a TikTok of their conversation, which sparked a series of shares and reposts, and even a Reddit post, which showed the woman on a random evening. Helped to stop talking to a person. Reaching 100,000 listeners.

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In the TikTok video, youtubekarve says he was randomly scrolling through Twitch channels with no viewers and “came across this cute lady who was talking to no one and walking.” That lovely lady is Twitch user zebrapig4299. The TikTok user, whose real name is Cole Caetano, told the woman it was her birthday. She sang “Happy Birthday” to him, and then Caetano (whose username is Karve7 on Twitch) asked her if she could say one thing to the world, what would it be? Her response was, “Just being nice to each other…yeah, I think that’s what I’d say to the world.” After that response, Caetano posted the video on TikTok and told his followers to change their lives. Motivation Even with the controversy on Twitch, it’s hard not to enjoy this wholesome video.

Zebrapig4299 now has over 90,000 followers on Twitch. Her “About” section on her profile on Twitch states that she is a “neurodivergent, chronically ill gaming nerd and nurse.” And she, “loves to talk about everything in the medical and gaming world.” The original TikTok video now has over eight million views. A follow-up video was also created which has now received over 1 million views. This isn’t the first time Caetano has helped Twitch streamers. He’s even asked other streamers to sing him “Happy Birthday,” and he’s donated money to them and posted about it on TikTok. Twitch content creators often pay it forward, so hopefully these acts of kindness will continue.

While there seems to be a lot of negativity. to twist This interaction between Caetano and zebrapig4299 will warm most people’s hearts these days, especially with regards to gambling on Twitch. Hopefully there will be more such interactions in the future.

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