Tyler1 Has 5-Year Ban from Overwatch 2 Chat

In a recent stream on Twitch, Tyler1 hilariously made a long-standing discovery Overwatch The chat squelch remains in effect with the release of Overwatch 2. The beginning of Overwatch 2 The lack of content updates and generally low energy has drawn many back to the franchise after years away. Overwatch Community. However, the excitement is back with millions playing. Overwatch 2 And tens of thousands are watching on Twitch. Investing in Tyler1’s hype, but his history with it Overwatch caught up with him.

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Even going back to the original Overwatch, Blizzard has taken a relatively aggressive stance on in-game harassment. Using in-game voice chat or text chat to insult or harass other players will not only result in a ban from the game, but will also increase restrictions on communication channels. Overwatch 2 Improved systems for detecting harassment and abuse, including penalties. Overwatch So the bad actors of the past don’t start with a blank slate.

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In the Twitch clip, taken from a Blizzard-hosted stream, Tyler 1 is shown lining up. Overwatch 2 Mixing and viewing a system in their text chat. They quickly question whether or not they’re still in line, perhaps wondering if they found a mistake that removed them from matchmaking. Instead, they see a system message confirming that they have been “silenced for 1812 days due to multiple reports of abuse from other players.” 1812 days is less than five years in total.

Tyler 1, known for his explosive reactions, is at first shocked to find that he is buried inside. Overwatch 2After all these years there has been a conversation. He quickly composes himself and admits that Blizzard made the right decision to mute his account. “I’m still quiet, it’s okay. I deserved it,” Tyler1 says in his Twitch chat, even though Overwatch 2 Stream the overlay to the side so his viewers can read the system message confirming his chat ban.

Whereas Tyler 1 isn’t interested in playing up his past behavior. Overwatch, it is well known that the Twitch streamer has a sordid past in which he often insulted his peers. Tyler 1 has previously characterized what he called “**** talk.” when Overwatch First launched, the Tyler 1 had just been banned. League of Legends For similar behavior. Blizzard, knowing the Twitch streamer’s reputation, immediately dropped a 10-year squelch on his account without banning him from playing.

Attentive Tyler1 fans may have noticed the 10-year-old’s squelch delivery in 2016, when Overwatch Launched, it should have only 4 years left instead of 5. In 2018, about 8 months after the ban, Blizzard was removed and then all accounts were reactivated. At that time the 10-year-old Squelch was reintroduced. This is why Tyler1 still has 5 years left on his chat ban. Maybe he’ll clear up in time. Overwatch 3 starts

Overwatch 2 Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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